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Unique Things To Do In Kejimkujik National Park




Unique Things To Do In Kejimkujik National Park

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Are you ready to explore a unique and captivating wilderness? Kejimkujik National Park, located in Nova Scotia, is the perfect destination for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience. With its vast expanse of forests, lakes, rivers and wetlands; there are endless opportunities to discover something new. From kayaking through tranquil waterways to camping beneath star-filled skies – this park has it all! Here’s a look at some of the most unique things to do in Kejimkujik National Park that will make your trip one you won’t soon forget.

Let’s start with canoeing or kayaking on the lake. Glide across glassy waters as you take in stunning views of lush greenery along the shoreline. Or if paddling isn’t your thing, why not try a guided tour by boat? You can spot wildlife while learning more about the history and culture of the area from experienced guides. For thrill seekers looking to get their adrenaline pumping, whitewater rafting is also available within Kejimkujik!

Finally, no visit would be complete without exploring some of the trails throughout the park. Hike alongside cascading waterfalls amidst towering trees or find serenity walking atop rocky shores surrounded by crystal clear blue ocean waves crashing against them. The freedom felt when wandering these paths is simply unparalleled – an opportunity for true adventure awaits!


Nestled deep in the heart of Nova Scotia lies Kejimkujik National Park, a protected area that beckons adventure-seekers for an unforgettable experience. This Canadian park is full of unique activities that will add excitement to your next outdoor excursion. From camping and canoeing to fishing and stargazing, there’s something for everyone at this national treasure.

Immerse yourself in nature as you explore over 400 km² of lush forests, tranquil lakes, and winding rivers while discovering the hidden gems within this stunning landscape. Whether it’s taking a stroll along one of the many trails or having a picnic with friends on the beach shores, visitors are surrounded by serene beauty wherever they turn. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can try their hand at whitewater rafting or kayaking down some of the wilder waterways – just be sure to stay safe!

For those who seek solace from everyday life, Kejimkujik National Park offers tranquility like no other. There’s nothing quite like spending time under the stars with only wildlife around; let go of all your worries and soak up every moment here. With countless opportunities awaiting exploration, make Kejimkujik National Park your next destination for an unforgettable experience!

Kejimkujik National Park
Unique Things To Do In Kejimkujik National Park 7

With so much to see and do in this incredible place, camping is definitely one way to get closer to nature – let’s take a look at some tips for making your trip even more enjoyable!


If you’re looking for a unique camping experience, Kejimkujik National Park is the place to be. From RV camping to tent camping and secluded sites, there are plenty of options available so that you can really get away from it all and enjoy some time in nature. Here’s what you need to know about camping spots and campground reservations at the park:

Camping Spots

  • Tent Camping: There are several tent camping sites located throughout the park. You can find everything from basic primitive campsites to more developed areas with access to running water and toilets. Some of these sites even offer picnic tables and fire rings!
  • RV Camping: If you prefer RV camping, there are also numerous spots available. These campsites come equipped with 15 amp electrical hookups as well as sewage connections and facilities like showers, laundry services, restrooms and dump stations.

Campground Reservations

  • Permits: All overnight stays require a permit, which can be purchased online or directly through Parks Canada staff onsite (if applicable).
  • Online Bookings: You can make your campground reservation up to four months in advance on their website or over the phone. The cost for each site varies depending on location so be sure to read descriptions carefully before booking.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure in one of the many backcountry sites or simply want to relax by the lakefront, Kejimkujik National Park has something for everyone when it comes to camping. With its stunning natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, this area promises unforgettable memories no matter how long your stay may be! Now let’s transition into learning more about boating and canoeing opportunities at Kejimkujik National Park!

Boating And Canoeing

Exploring the waters of Kejimkujik National Park can be an exciting experience! You might think that canoeing, kayaking or motorboating are activities best left to those skilled in the art. That doesn’t have to be the case; even novice boaters can take part and enjoy a thrilling day out on the lake. Fishing is also available for those wanting to try their hand at catching their own dinner.

The park has many options when it comes to hitting the water – from leisurely paddling around small coves and bays, to discovering hidden islands and beaches along its trails. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing journey in solitude, or an adventurous outing with friends, there’s something here for everyone. It’s no wonder why this place is so popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts!

But don’t just take our word for it; come explore these pristine waterways yourself and see what all the fuss is about! With such captivating beauty within reach, you won’t regret your decision! And if you need some guidance, experienced guides are always happy to lend a helping hand. As they say: “Life is like riding a boat: make sure you steer in the right direction!” Hiking trails provide yet another way to discover nature’s wonders throughout Kejimkujik National Park.

Hiking Trails

Kejimkujik National Park offers a wide variety of scenic trails for hikers to explore. The national park has over 56km (35 miles) of hiking trails, ranging from easy loops to more challenging woodlands trails. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon hike or a multi-day backpacking adventure, the Kejimkujik Trails have something that will suit everyone’s needs and desires.

Kejimkujik National Park lake
Unique Things To Do In Kejimkujik National Park 8

Along the way, hikers can find plenty of wildlife to observe such as deer and black bear, as well as many native plants unique to the region. For those who like to take their time, there are several rest stops with benches along some of the routes. With so much forested area in this part of Nova Scotia, it is easy to get lost in your own thoughts while exploring these beautiful trails!

The changing seasons bring even more reason to take advantage of all that Kejimkujik National Park has to offer. As soon as spring arrives and brings warmer weather, wildflowers begin blooming throughout the woods giving off vibrant colors against each backdrop. In summer months lush greenery provides shade for hikes before autumn rushes in with fiery reds and oranges on display through tree cover and beyond. No matter what time of year you choose visit, Kejimkujik’s breathtaking landscapes never fail to impress and provide one-of-a-kind experiences tailored just for you! With this kind of beauty at your fingertips, why not go out and explore?

Hiking isn’t the only outdoor activity available here – birdwatching also promises thrilling moments when visiting Kejimkujik National Park.


For birdwatchers, Kejimkujik National Park is a paradise. With over 150 species of birds to view, the park offers an incredible array of habitats and migratory patterns that make it perfect for birding. From common backyard varieties like chickadees and robins to rare species such as great blue herons and bald eagles, there’s something here for everyone.

The best time to see the most active avian life in the park is during spring migration when songbirds flock into the area from their winter homes in Central America or South America. Birders can also find many year-round residents like woodpeckers, wrens, orioles, thrushes, and warblers who call Kejimkujik home all year round.

Birdwatching in Kejimkujik National Park is an experience you won’t soon forget! There are numerous trails throughout the park where birders can observe different species of birds and take advantage of viewing opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll through nature or a more immersive experience with binoculars in hand, one thing is certain: You’ll be amazed by what you encounter along your journey! Now let’s transition into stargazing at this majestic national park…


Stargazing in Kejimkujik National Park is an unmissable experience. When the sun sets and darkness falls, the night sky comes alive with a dazzling array of celestial bodies. From the Milky Way to constellations like Orion’s Belt, the park’s dark sky preserves some of our most beautiful views of astronomy.

StargazingFind a Spacious Spot45 minutes
AstronomyIdentify Celestial Bodies60 minutes
Night SkyTake Photos or Draw Images30 minutes

For those interested in stargazing, finding a spacious spot away from any artificial light sources is essential for an optimal view. Once situated, take time to identify various celestial bodies using binoculars or telescope – if you have them! For those without equipment, taking photos or drawing images can be just as informative and fulfilling. Make sure to spend at least 45 minutes admiring the stars before continuing your journey.

Kejimkujik National Park provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore and appreciate one of nature’s greatest spectacles – its night sky. With ample space and minimal light pollution, visitors are able to immerse themselves in this incredible environment while gaining insight into our universe. Now that we’ve enjoyed starry skies above us, let’s turn our attention below ground by exploring the park’s cycling routes…

Cycling Routes

As the saying goes, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein. Kejimkujik National Park offers many unique cycling routes to explore and experience. Whether visitors are looking for an easy family ride around a lake or a challenging mountain biking adventure, they can find it in this picturesque park.

For road bikers, there are plenty of options available ranging from short loops to longer rides along scenic country roads that loop through Maitland Bridge and Pleasant River Valley. For those interested in exploring more off-road terrain, mountain bike trails traverse forests and open fields with views of streams and lakes. Bike rentals are available onsite if needed so no matter what type of rider you are, you can enjoy the journey!

The park also offers cyclists several amenities:

  • Trail Maps: A variety of trail maps provide detailed information about local points of interest as well as where different types of bikes may be used (mountain/road).
  • Bike Repairs & Maintenance: Onsite mechanics offer bike repairs while supplies last.
  • Rest Areas: There are multiple rest areas throughout the national park offering benches and shelters for people taking extended trips.

Whether you choose to take one trail or many over your visit, Kejimkujik National Park provides an array of opportunities to experience its beauty by bike! Ready to pack up a picnic lunch now? Head out into the next section which will highlight some great spots perfect for picnicking during your stay at Kejimkujik National Park.

Picnic Areas

Kejimkujik National Park is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. With its beautiful scenery, there are many picnicking areas throughout the park that provide you with stunning views of nature. Here is a breakdown of some of the best picnic spots in Kejimkujik:

Picnic AreasAmenities Available
Beach AreaPicnic tables
MeadowsFire pits

These picnic sites offer plenty of fun activities for everyone. The beach area offers great swimming opportunities, as well as plenty of space for running around and playing games.

In addition, the woodland has several pavilions where you can sit back and relax while admiring the surrounding beauty. Meadows and fields are dotted throughout the park, offering ample shade from trees or open spaces to soak up some sun. And if you want to stay warm during your picnic meal, fire pits dot these areas so that you can start one up quickly.

You’ll find shelter at all these locations too, making them perfect places to prepare food or hang out together on those cooler days!

Kejimkujik National Park water
Unique Things To Do In Kejimkujik National Park 9

These picnic spots provide something special for each group member – whether it’s time spent in nature’s beauty or an opportunity for adventure – making Kejimkujik National Park a must-visit destination when wanting to get away from everyday life!

From tranquil woodlands to wide open beaches, there’s no shortage of amazing outdoor experiences waiting here. So why not pack up your lunch today and come explore what this incredible national park has to offer?

Swimming Holes

Kejimkujik National Park is a great place to cool off with its dozens of swimming holes. With over 150 kilometres of hiking trails and more than 80 natural swimming spots, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems throughout the park. Whether it’s lounging in a shallow pool or taking a dip in one of the deeper ones, there are many great places to swim.

The most popular spot for swimming is Mersey River which offers crystal-clear waters and easy access from several points along the riverbank. For those looking for something less populated but still beautiful, Trout Lake has an array of small coves to explore by kayak or canoe. You can also test your endurance at Mink Hole Rapids where the rapids offer up some exciting thrills!

For those who prefer their water activities on the tamer side, Moosehead Beach is perfect for families looking to relax and enjoy some quality time together. The beach provides gentle waves ideal for children playing in the sand and shallow areas that are safe enough for young swimmers. There’s even a snack bar nearby so you don’t have to worry about packing lunch before heading out into Kejimkujik’s wild beauty. With such an abundance of incredible swimming holes within this national park, visitors will always be able to find just the right spot to cool off while exploring all that nature has to offer here!

Interpretive Programs And Guided Tours

If you’re looking for an authentic experience in the heart of Kejimkujik National Park, look no further than its interpretive programs and guided tours. From educational tours to ranger-led hikes, there’s something here to suit every taste and ability level. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or have been coming back year after year, exploring the park with one of these unique tour options will help deepen your connection with nature.

The park offers a variety of guided tours, from easy walking trips to overnight canoe camping excursions. If you’re passionate about learning more about the natural environment of the area, join a knowledgeable guide on an educational tour that focuses on birds, plants and other wildlife. No matter what type of tour you choose, all are designed to give visitors an unforgettable and enriching journey into one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks.

Kejimkujik National Park Photo
Unique Things To Do In Kejimkujik National Park 10

For those who prefer a self-guided exploration through the park, there are also plenty of opportunities. Pick up a map at any visitor center and take yourself off on a scenic walk or go fishing along one of Kejimkujik’s many crystal clear lakes. With so much to offer, it’s difficult not to find something special during your stay in this stunning natural wonderland!

No matter how you explore Kejimkujik National Park – whether taking part in an organized tour or venturing out solo – every moment spent here will surely provide lifelong memories. Now let’s look at some winter activities available within the park…

Winter Activities

Winter in Kejimkujik National Park is a beautiful and unique time of year. The frozen lakes, snow-covered forests, and starry nights make this place ideal for those looking to experience winter activities like ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or ice skating. While these activities offer the perfect opportunity for fun and adventure, visitors can also choose to stay overnight at one of the park’s many heated shelters during their winter camping trip.

The park offers multiple opportunities to rent gear such as ice skates, cross-country ski packages, or snowshoes so that you don’t have to worry about bringing your own equipment with you!

Whether it be a day trip or multi-day excursion into wilderness areas of the park, there are plenty of ways to enjoy all that Kejimkujik has to offer during wintertime. With breathtaking views around every corner and endless possibilities for exploration and discovery, this national park promises unforgettable experiences no matter what activity you decide on.

As if things couldn’t get any better here in Kejimkujik National Park come wintertime, guests can also look forward to events and festivals taking place throughout the season.

Events And Festivals

Kejimkujik National Park is the perfect place to experience a wide array of festivals and events. From specialty festivals like the Fall Fiddle Festival and Migratory Bird Day, there’s something for everyone! You can also take part in canoe races or join night hikes for a unique adventure.

Stargazing tours are also offered throughout the year, giving visitors an up-close look at some of our beautiful constellations. Each event has its own special flair that you won’t find anywhere else – explore them today!

And if you’re looking for something even more extraordinary, check out their Historic Sites section. It features incredible stories from long ago that will transport you back in time.

Historic Sites

Ah, Kejimkujik National Park! Where the freedom to explore and discover abounds. What better way to experience this national park than to delve into its rich history by taking a tour of its historic sites? Whether you’re looking for ancient artifacts from the Mi’kmaq people or want to learn more about the park’s history, these sites offer something unique that can’t be found anywhere else.

At the Visitor Centre in Maitland Bridge, visitors have access to an array of exhibits focusing on the Aboriginal History of Nova Scotia as well as some incredible displays featuring artifacts recovered from various archeological excavations throughout the park. There’s also a chance to view replicas of tools used by early settlers who lived in the area around 300 years ago. It’s truly fascinating and offers a glimpse into life centuries ago!

The Kejimkujik Historic Designated Site is another great spot for those interested in learning about local culture and history. Here you’ll find interpretive trails which provide insight into traditional practices such as hunting, fishing, gathering food and medicines, making fires and using shelters. You may even be lucky enough to stumble upon some ancient artifacts left behind by previous generations living here long before us!

So if exploring historical sites is right up your alley, then make sure pay a visit to all these amazing places inside Kejimkujik National Park – they won’t disappoint! From discovering ancient artifacts to better understanding what life was like hundreds of years ago, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here at this one-of-a-kind location. And now it’s time to take our journey further…to specialty stores within the park boundaries…

Specialty Stores

From historic sites to specialty stores, there’s something for everyone at Kejimkujik National Park. Gift shopping is a great way to take home memories of your trip and indulge in the area’s local flair. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted items or local souvenirs, you’ll find plenty of artisanal crafts around every corner.

The locals are passionate about what they create, so supporting them as much as possible makes sense. You can pick up unique pieces like jewelry made from driftwood or locally produced honey that has been harvested from nearby hives.

If you love art, you won’t miss out on the selection of paintings depicting life in Nova Scotia with vibrant colors and intricate brushstrokes. Some interesting pottery works with colorful designs and shapes will look amazing in any room!

For those who prefer more traditional gift-giving options, Kejimkujik National Park offers an array of antiques and knick-knacks perfect as mementos of your visit here. From handmade quilts to old books, these gifts evoke nostalgia and tell stories of days gone by. With such a wide variety available, it’s easy to find something special that speaks directly to the heart of someone close to you. So don’t forget to browse through these shops when visiting this beautiful national park!
Next stop: Dining Options – When exploring Kejimkujik National Park be sure to sample some delicious dining options along the way…

Dining Options

If you are looking for food near Kejimkujik National Park, there is no shortage of dining options. The park offers various restaurants and cafes to satisfy your cravings. From traditional seafood dishes to hearty sandwiches and salads, the restaurant at the visitor’s center serves up delicious fare that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized for your next adventures in the park. For those who prefer more local eateries, several nearby cafes are offering an array of fresh ingredients from the region. These establishments provide great meals as well as fantastic views over the lake or surrounding landscape.

For visitors who want something truly unique during their stay in Kejimkujik National Park, plenty of restaurants are located just outside its boundaries. Whether it’s Italian cuisine with a view of Stoney Lake or French-inspired bistros on the banks of Mersey River, these places have something special to offer every palate.

Moreover, they give diners a chance to experience some culinary delights not found within the confines of the national park – making them excellent choices for anyone wanting to try something new while exploring this beloved area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Park Hours?

When it comes to park hours and opening times at Kejimkujik National Park, visitors have plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for admission times or access to the park during its closing hours, there’s something here for everyone.

With a variety of activities available throughout the day, such as hiking and canoeing excursions, camping trips, and wildlife viewing opportunities, Kejimkujik has become one of Nova Scotia’s top outdoor destinations. Visitors can enjoy all these experiences while knowing that they can gain entry into the park anytime between 9 am-5 pm in the summer months (April – October). It is important to note that some areas may close earlier than 5 pm depending on seasonality and weather conditions; however, this still gives ample time to explore what the area has to offer.

Thanks to extended hours during peak seasons like summer, autumn and winter holidays, those seeking an unforgettable nature experience will surely find it at Kejimkujik National Park.

With over 300km2 of pristine land waiting for exploration around every corner, visitors can make their next trip even more special by taking advantage of longer opening times throughout different parts of the year. So don’t miss out – come discover why so many people choose Kejimkujik when wanting to savor precious moments with friends and family!

Are Pets Allowed In The Park?

If you are planning a trip to Kejimkujik National Park, you may wonder if bringing your furry family members along is possible. The answer is yes – pets are allowed in the park! However, there are some regulations and policies that should be taken into consideration before bringing your pet with you.

The first rule of visiting with your pet is that all dogs must remain on-leash at all times. This includes when walking trails or exploring waterfront areas within the park. In addition to this leash policy, pet owners should also follow any posted pet regulations or signs throughout their visit as well. For example, many designated swimming beaches do not allow pets so visitors should familiarize themselves with these restrictions prior to arriving.

Even though pets cannot participate in everything inside the Park, there are still plenty of activities for them to enjoy. Many trails offer unique opportunities for petting wildlife such as birds and squirrels while out on an adventure. Furthermore, although amenities specifically designed for pets aren’t available, there are lots of open spaces where they can roam freely off-leash and revitalize their energy levels after a long day of sightseeing and exploration.

Visiting Kejimkujik National Park with your four-legged pal doesn’t have to be difficult; just make sure you understand the rules beforehand so everyone has an enjoyable experience!

Is There A Fee To Enter The Park?

Are you interested in discovering the unique things Kejimkujik National Park has to offer, but don’t know how much it will cost? Let’s explore the entrance fee for this national park.

First off, let me set your mind at ease: there is no admission or entry fee required to enter and enjoy the beauty of Kejimkujik Park! Instead, Parks Canada encourages visitors to make a donation when they arrive that goes towards preserving this special place. This means you can take all the time you need to wander through its trails, lakes and lush forests without worrying about additional costs.

For those who want an even deeper experience in Kejimkujik, however, plenty of opportunities are available – from guided walks with knowledgeable staff members to educational programs designed just for kids. While these activities require a small fee, they’re well worth it if you’re looking for something unique and memorable. Plus, what better way to support parks conservation than by investing some money back into them?

So whether you’re on a budget or have more room to splurge, rest assured that Kejimkujik offers something for everyone – including free access! So go ahead and start planning your adventure today; I guarantee it’ll be one for the books!

How Can I Book An Interpretive Program Or Guided Tour?

If you’re looking to book an interpretive program or guided tour at Kejimkujik National Park, there are a few things you need to know. While there is no fee for entering the park, it’s important to understand the booking process and what kind of tours and programs are available before you go.

When it comes to guided tours and interpretive programs, the park offers several options. From bird watching expeditions to canoe paddling trips, visitors can find something that suits their interests and abilities. To book any of these offerings online, visit the park reservations website. The website provides detailed information about each activity, including fees, duration and availability. Once you’ve decided on your desired tour or program, follow the instructions on the site for completing your reservation.

Another great way to experience Kejimkujik National Park is by taking part in one of its many interactive events. Throughout the year the park hosts educational workshops, art classes, music performances and special events like Night Sky Astronomy Nights and Bat Walks! These activities give visitors a deeper understanding of this amazing natural space – from cultural history lessons to wildlife encounters. Booking details for these experiences can be found on the Parks Canada website or through local tourism offices in nearby townships.

No matter if you’re after an outdoor adventure or want some time away from everyday life –Kejimkujik National Park will not disappoint! With so much variety on offer here, it truly is an ideal place for those seeking unique experiences in nature. So why not start planning your next getaway today?

Are Campfires Allowed In The Park?

You may be wondering if you can build a campfire while spending time in Kejimkujik National Park and the answer is yes, but with some regulations. Campfires are allowed throughout the park, as long as visitors follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure safety. It’s important to know the campfire regulations before building one and also for your own protection when enjoying an evening fire.

Regarding campfire safety, Kejimkujik National Park requires that all fires must be kept small and attended at all times by someone 18 years or older. The location of your campfire should also be away from buildings, trees, shrubs and other flammable materials. There are designated spots where open fires are permitted, so check with park staff before breaking out the matches! Depending on weather conditions and public use levels, there could potentially be restrictions on whether you’re able to build a fire or not so it’s best to ask ahead of time.

Campers who wish to have a campfire will need to get a permit which is available free-of-charge from any Visitor Centre within the park. With this permit comes responsibility; ensuring that campfires are extinguished properly after each use and never left unattended. Taking these precautions seriously helps prevent wildfires in the area, making everyone’s visit more enjoyable. So why not take advantage of what camping has always been about: gathering around a warm glowing fire under starry skies? If done responsibly, having a good old fashioned campfire can add an extra layer of warmth and comfort during your stay in Kejimkujik National Park!


Overall, visiting Kejimkujik National Park is an incredible experience that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re exploring the trails or paddling a canoe around one of the beautiful lakes, there’s something special about this park that makes it truly unique – and I’m not just saying that because I’m Canadian! From the wildlife to the interpretive programs and guided tours, your visit will be filled with amazing experiences.

But wait – before you pack up your car for a road trip to Nova Scotia, check out all the rules and regulations first. While pets are allowed in certain areas of the park, campfires aren’t always permitted so double-check those details before lighting up any fires! And don’t forget to bring some cash with you since there is a fee for entry into Kejimkujik National Park.

So if you’re looking for something different from your usual summer activities, why not visit Nova Scotia and explore Kejimkujik National Park? With its rich cultural history and fantastic range of outdoor activities available year-round, it’s definitely worth checking out! Plus, who knows what kind of wild adventures await us when we get there?

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