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Things to Do For Kids in Mount Rainier National Park Washington




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Mount Rainier National Park is a 369 square mile state park that surrounds the 14,410-foot Mount Rainier. The park is home to numerous hiking trails and a glacier-capped mountain. Sunrise Peak, which is 6,400 feet high, offers spectacular views of the surrounding areas. For hikers, there are several trailheads and summer wildflower meadows to explore.

Things to Do For Kids in Mount Rainier National Park  Washington

Grove of the Patriarchs

One of the best things to do in Mount Rainier National Park for kids is to walk through the grove of the “patriarchs.” The grove contains a series of ancient trees that are three or four stories tall. You can also find a waterfall and other fun activities.

The trail to the Grove of the Patriarchs is 1.5 miles long, and includes a suspension bridge and a riverbed. It is rated easy, but there are some challenging parts, including the suspension bridge. The trail ends at Silver Falls, the park’s largest waterfall.

Nisqually Vista Trail

The Nisqually Vista Trail is a scenic hike that is easy on young children. This path leads to an overlook within the park. In summer, it is lined with wildflowers. This trail is suitable for families with young children, even though it can be crowded at times. This trail is great for families with small children interested in seeing Mt. Rainier seen from a different angle

Summer weekends can lead to long lines. It is recommended that you spend at least two hours at the Nisqually entry. There are often cars parked in the lots, which can lead to long lines. You might want to park at one of the other entrances to the park if you have a car.

Trail of the Shadows

One of the best trails for kids in Mount Rainier is the Trail of the Shadows. This easy walk is flat throughout and features plenty of signs about the history of the area. Artifacts from the past century are also found here. You might even see a few beavers. It’s best to hike the trail early in the morning or late in the evening to spot the animals.

The Trail of the Shadows is a great first hike for families with young children. This easy and flat trail is located across the road to the Longmire National Inn. It’s also a great place to let the kids get a taste of nature, but don’t expect to find healing mineral springs along the way.

Christine Falls

If you are planning to bring your family to Mount Rainier National Park, there are several things to do with your kids. You can take a tour of the park, which includes the visitor center and scenic viewpoints of Christine Falls. Or, you can spend the night at the park, where you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area and see the majestic snow-capped mountain from the comfort of your campsite.

First, check the weather. The climate can be quite unpredictable in Mount Rainier, with temperatures ranging from unusually warm to very cold in August. Temperatures are usually in the 40s to 50s from April through June. Highs in June through August are typically in the mid-60s. From September to November, the temperature can drop to the mid teens and even lower.

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