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Things to Do For Kids in Yosemite National Park California




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There are many things for your family to do in Yosemite National Park. For example, they can visit the Happy Isles Nature Center and explore the swinging bridge. They can also bike or go hiking through the park. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you can take the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail. Stunning views from the Swinging Bridge surround the park.

Things to Do For Kids in Yosemite National Park  California

Happy Isles Nature Center

Happy Isles Nature Center is a great place for young children to learn more about Yosemite’s cultural and natural heritage. This small, air-conditioned, indoor center is open May-September and features interactive exhibits, trails, and more. There are many books for children. The Center also offers special programs for children, such as a Junior Ranger Program.

Lower Yosemite Falls Trail

Yosemite National Park can be found in Northern California, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It covers approximately 759,620 acres. Most visitors spend time in the park’s Yosemite Valley. Many trails lead to different points of interest within the Valley. The park offers shuttle services to and from key sites.

May Lake

If you’re traveling with kids, there are a variety of things to do in Yosemite National Park California. Younger children will love a rock-throwing contest. Older children can cruise down the Merced River, or hike to Nevada Falls. Bicycle rentals are available at Half Dome Village and Yosemite Valley Lodge.

Columbian Mammoths

Children who enjoy nature will love exploring the Columbian Mammoth skeleton at Yosemite National Park. These larger cousins of Woolly Mammoths lived in the San Joaquin Valley 11,500 years ago. You can also find fossils from 22 species for kids.


Yosemite hiking with children is a great way to spend quality family time. The Park is open year-round, but summer is the most popular time to visit. The park can be very hot during these months, and temperatures regularly reach 90 degrees. However, late spring and early fall are more pleasant months, and the park is not as busy during the school year.


Several hiking and biking trails in Yosemite National Park are safe for small children. The popular Mist Trail runs through the valley, up to the Vernal and Nevada waterfalls. This 5.4 mile round-trip trail is not difficult to ride and is a popular choice with families.

Seeking out wildlife

Regardless of your age, you can find wildlife in Yosemite National Park California. The park is open all year, but the summer months are the most popular. Summers can be extremely hot, with highs in the 90s in Yosemite Valley. However, spring and fall are both pleasant seasons for visiting the park.

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