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Things to See and Do in Springbrook National Park




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Springbrook National Park has many things to offer. Many information signs are available to help you learn more about the park’s history, geography, wildlife, and other interesting facts. There are a number of trails that will appeal to kids and their parents. You can also hike the Warrie Circuit to get a close-up view of the surrounding area.

Things to Do For Kids in Springbrook National Park

Goomoolahra Falls

Goomoolahra falls is just a short drive away from Springbrook Road. It is the perfect spot for lunch. Picnic tables and barbecue facilities are available at the picnic area. The waterfalls cascade down into the valley below.

Warrie Circuit

The Warrie Circuit is a 17-kilometre (10 mile) circuit walk that runs through rainforest, rivulets and waterfalls. This track also includes a 2-km out and back walk. It takes approximately two hours.

Best of All Lookout

The Best Of All Lookout is not the biggest place in the park, but it’s worth the wait for the amazing views. The best time to go is before or after sunrise, when the view is most spectacular. The lookout is on the side of a mountain called Springbrook Mountain, and you can see what the park looked like 20 million years ago.

Mt Warning caldera

While you’re visiting the park, don’t forget to take the kids to the Natural Bridge. The waterfall runs through a basalt cave roof and is breathtaking. You can either drive or walk up to the top from here.

Numinbah section

The Numinbah section of Springbrook National Park is a beautiful area with many waterfalls, ancient trees, and impressive views. It is located in the foothills of the Border Ranges. It is a protected area of great ecological significance and is a designated world heritage site.

Twin Falls

Springbrook National Park offers many activities for children under five years old. This area is home more than 100 species birds and other wildlife. You can also see pademelons, which are rare and beautiful. Be careful driving near them, however. Other animals found here include gliders and nocturnal possums. You might also see carpet pythons and lace monitors.

Mt. Cougal

The park is divided into four sections: Springbrook Plateau (the Natural Bridge), Numinbah, Mount Cougal, and Numinbah. Each section has different lookout points where you can view the surrounding natural scenery. You can also find picnic spots and a rainforest cafe where you can enjoy a cup o’ coffee.

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