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Things to Do For Kids in Lamington National Park




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If you’re looking for Things to Do For Kids in Lamington National park, you’ve come to the right place. There are many attractions for both kids and adults in the area. Whether you’re a bird watcher or a crayfish enthusiast, you’re sure to find something to delight your family. The Rosella Park bird sanctuary is a bird lover’s paradise. Here, you’ll find lyrebirds, sugar-gliders, and pademelons.

Things to Do For Kids in Lamington National Park

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat offers a variety of activities for the whole family. This eco-friendly property is located in the heart Lamington National Park. It’s a great choice to take your family. The resort features luxurious villas that can be used as self-contained accommodations and comfortable hotel-style accommodations. Visitors will be amazed by the sweeping views of the national park and the surrounding Scenic Rim.

Binna Burra Lodge

Binna Burra Lodge was the first to incorporate environmental education into its programs. Self-guided nature walks, slide shows, vacation schools, and other natural history programs were all pioneered by the lodge. Today, the lodge continues to provide the same level of educational experience.

Canungra Valley Vineyards

Kids can enjoy an afternoon at Canungra Valley Vineyards, located outside Canungra along Lamington National Park Road. This vineyard is open seven day a week. It offers picnic baskets, stone-baked pizzas, cheese boards, and picnic baskets. They can also visit Mountview Alpaca Farm which is also on the property.

Mountain View Alpaca Farm

After spending twenty years in Lamington National Park, Mountview Alpaca Farm has relocated to O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards. This beautiful location is just 6 minutes from Canungra town centre. Unlike other alpaca farms, Mountview is free to visit, and visitors can meet and interact with the alpacas up close. You can also purchase picnic baskets made from the vineyard or alpaca gifts.

Eco Rangers Program

The Lamington National Park offers a variety of activities for children, including free ones. However, there are also some optional activities that can be paid for. A guided segway tour through rainforest can be a fun way to spend the day. The park also offers Birds of Prey Shows, which are a great way for you to see the birdlife that lives in the park. Some of the species that you might see include owls, Wedge Tail Eagles, Black Kites and more.

Mountain Cafe

Lamington National Park is a great place to experience the rainforest environment and wildlife. There are about 250 species of unique wildlife, more than 500 waterfalls, and 160 kilometres of walking trails. Picnic tables, electric barbecues, and toilets are available at the Green Mountain picnic area. This is a popular day-use area, so remember to pack your own rubbish bags.

Superbee Honeyworld

Superbee Honeyworld is a beekeeping farm that can be visited by anyone who is in the area. It is located five minutes from the Gold Coast Airport. The farm is home of millions of bees, and offers a wide range of honey products. Visitors can also watch a live bee hive show and get a free tasting of honey. There are also shops selling honeycomb, beeswax, and cosmetics.

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