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Things to Do For Kids in Acadia National Park Maine




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Acadia National Park Maine offers many fun activities for children, whether you are traveling with a family or just a few. There are many hiking trails in the park, including the popular Bubble rock trail. It’s a one-mile round trip with stairs and rocks and ends at a giant bubble rock.

Things to Do For Kids in Acadia National Park  Maine

Wonderland Trail

One of the shortest, flattest hiking trails in Acadia National Park, Wonderland Trail leads to beautiful seaside areas. It is 0.6 miles in length and includes wide gravel paths. This trail is great for families with small children. The trail is flat and has no steep ascent. The trail also has several smaller side trails.

While walking on the Wonderland Trail in Acadia National Park, you’ll get to see many types of birds. With a combination of ocean views and lush forests, this trail is perfect for birdwatching. Large birds will be diving for prey and returning to their nests. The park is home to more than 300 bird species.

Picnic at Schoodic Point

Schoodic Point, on the southern tip of the Schoodic Peninsula, is an idyllic place for a picnic with your family. This granite platform, located in Acadia National Park offers stunning ocean views and is easily accessible via newly-paved roads. Picnickers will love the smooth granite rock shoreline, and the crashing ocean waves.

The park is especially popular during the summer and holiday weekends. There is no parking, but there is a shuttle service that takes you to many famous spots. You’ll want to make sure your car has a full tank of gas before you head out. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll also want to consider purchasing a park entrance pass in advance.

Hiking trails

Acadia National Park Maine has many hiking trails that are suitable for children. Many of these trails are easy enough for even the youngest members to enjoy. These hikes will allow your family to enjoy the natural beauty of the park without the hassles of a long day of hiking. Some of them are even dog-friendly. If you’re looking for hiking trails for kids that are easy enough to complete on foot, try the Jordan Pond Path. It is 3.1 miles long and will take you around a crystal clear pond. At the end of the loop, make sure to take your kids to the beach for a swim and picnic.

Hiking trails for kids in Acadia National park can vary in difficulty, so it’s best to look for hikes that are accessible for younger children and those with less experience. Some trails are easy, while others have significant exposure or scrambling. Families with young children should stay close to trails, which may be closed for safety reasons. Also, be sure to carry all your belongings with you.

Winter sports

Acadia National Park in Maine’s winters are cold but you can still enjoy the park. The snowy trails and crushed stone surfaces are ideal for cross-country skiing. In winter, the Acadia Winter Trails Association grooms these trails. The carriage roads are usually covered with new snow, but volunteers can also groom them if there is more than six inches of snowfall or if the roadbed is frozen.

Acadia National Park offers many winter sports for children. The park’s winter information center, located three miles west of Bar Harbor on Route 233, has information on cross country skiing, as well as carriage paths and closed loop roads. In addition, you can rent equipment at athletic shops in Bar Harbor.

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