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How To Build An Outdoor Camping Shower




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Camping showers are a great way to stay clean while spending time in nature. If you are willing to invest some time and effort, you can build your own outdoor camping shower.

This idea comes from a blogger named Jack who wrote a post about how to build your own outdoor camping shower. He describes how to make a hanging tent shower, as well as a standing water shower. Both are easy to make and use!

The hanging tent shower is more complicated but has the added benefit of providing privacy for you while you shower. The downside is that it takes longer to fill and you need to hang it somewhere so that the water can drain away.

The standing water shower is much easier and faster, but you lose some of the privacy. You can either place plastic around you or use something like a beach bag to provide coverage.

Buy a spray hose

how to build an outdoor camping shower

Next, you will need to get a spray hose. These come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right size for your bucket or shower reservoir. You also want to make sure it is a sturdy hose that will not leak or break.

Spray hoses are sold at most hardware stores and some big box stores. The best way to find one is to go to the aisle where the water hoses are and then search for a spray hose- you cannot miss them!

They are very cheap so if you worry you will break it, just buy another!

Surprisingly, they are one of the hardest parts to find when trying to build an outdoor camping shower. If you do not have a hardware store close by, try looking for alternatives online.

Buy a metal chair

Next, you will need to find a metal chair to use as a base for your outdoor camping shower. You will be needing a sturdy base that can hold water!

Make sure the base can hold the weight of the water that will be poured into the bucket. Also, make sure the base is big enough for your needs!

These can usually be found at local stores or online retailers. If you have an old metal chair you are done with, those work great too! Just make sure they are sturdy.

Camping supply stores also sometimes have pre-made showers available for purchase. This is a quick and easy way to get started!

You can also use a table instead of a chair, if you prefer that look. Either way, make sure it is made of something sturdy like metal or wood. Plastic or thin fabric does not work well for this project.

Set up a stand for the shower

how to build an outdoor camping shower

Once you have gathered all of the materials, the next step is to set up a place for the shower to be. You can either lay down a tarp or find a tree or post to hang the hose from to shower.

To hang the hose from a post or tree stump, you will need to drill holes in the post or stump and then tie the rope or tape around it. Make sure your construction is sturdy enough to hold your weight!

You can also just lay down the hose if that is easier.

Hang the shower head and hose

how to build an outdoor camping shower

Once you have the shower stall all set, it is time to hang the shower head and hose. Most camping showers come with a hook that you can attach to the top of the stall where the nozzle attaches.

Some do not, so be sure to check before leaving camp to go wash off all of that dirt!

Alternatively, you can hang the nozzle and hose from either side of the top of the tent using cord or rope. Just make sure it is secure so it does not drop down and hit someone on the head!

Some people prefer to just let the hose hang down below the tent, which is a more traditional look. This can be done by attaching it to the bottom corner pole of the tent using more rope or cord.

Fill the rain barrel with water

how to build an outdoor camping shower

The first step in building an outdoor camping shower is to fill the rain barrel with water. You can do this by collecting water from the campground faucet, carrying in water from home, or collecting rainwater.

If you choose to collect rainwater, make sure it is clean before pouring it into the barrel. Rainfall can carry dust and dirt, or get contaminated by pollution on the ground.

A good way to ensure clean water is to place a filter over the container you are collecting the rain in. This can be a paper filter or a chemical filter depending on what kind of contamination you want to remove.

Once the barrel is full, start spraying! Make sure to keep an eye on the level of the water in the barrel, and add more as needed.

Warm the water by using a fire or heater

how to build an outdoor camping shower

Another way to warm water is by using a fire or heating device. These can be in the form of a propane heater, solar shower, or water bottle filling from a tap or faucet.

Propane heaters are popular among campers due to their ease of use. You just have to hose the tank and it will automatically switch to warm setting.

Solar showers work well if you are camping in a sunny area and have access to a large enough surface to set up the shower on. Just make sure it is waterproof!

Using a tap or faucet can be cost effective, but it may take a while for the water to cool down. If it is cold outside, then this is not an issue!

All of these methods are good ways to help keep the water warm enough for a quick shower.

Keep it clean by using sand or ash to filter the water

how to build an outdoor camping shower

If you are going to be filtering water from a lake or stream, try to find a sandy area of the lake or along the shoreline to pour the water into.

This will allow the water to filter through the sand as it fills your container. Alternatively, you can use ash or dirt to do the same thing.

Waterproof your shower

If you’re planning on building an outdoor camping shower, then you’re going to want to waterproof it. There are several ways to do this, and it all depends on what materials you have available to you.

The most effective way is to use plastic lining on the inside of the shower wall and ceiling, and then place plastic over the opening of the tent flap for a door.

Keep it clean by using biodegradable soap or oil

how to build an outdoor camping shower

A fun addition to your outdoor shower is adding a soap or oil dispenser. You can make your own using a bottle and funnel, or buy one at a store.

Soap and oil are nice as you can wash yourself completely, including your hair! Plus, it rinses off easily in the shower.

It is recommended to use natural soaps or oils, such as coconut oil, to prevent soil contamination in the lake or river you’re washing in. This is important for the environment as it would make the water non-potable (not drinkable) and unfriendly to aquatic life.

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