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Indoor or conventional camping showers are great. You can enjoy a shower together with your friends or just to get a good, long shower. However, if you are going for a shower inside, outside is the limit. You cannot go in and out of the same shower twice!

Outside the weather is also an important factor to consider. Most places have a weather station where you can check the temperature of the air to see if it is cold or warm enough for your shower setting.

Some places do not allow water immersion, which would be problematic if you were trying to wash yourself in warm water but couldn’t do that because of the temperature settings.

Find a water filter

Most big supermarkets and grocery stores have a water filter system. Many of them are brand new machines that look like giant pitchers, but they actually filter the water through a longer tube and then distribute the water through an attached showerhead.

The trouble with these is that you have to change the water every few days, which is another case of needing to research this before you buy. Many people find that helpful monthly cleaning products are sufficient enough to maintain the quality of the water, and it also saves you from having to buy new watered-down filtered water every month.

Some models even prevent bacteria and minerals from reaching the water as it passes through, making your showering experience more healthy. The best ones allow you to set your own time for cleaning, so ask for one when you buy one. When taking a shower outdoors, make sure there is no wind or other weather phenomena that could cause rain or snow on your shelter.

Find the right size bucket for holding water

homemade outdoor camping shower

Most people start collecting water from their shower or bathtub around half a gallon per person per day. This is enough to wash at least one body part per day!

Since this water is limited, being able to keep track of how much you shower or how much water you have left is important. You can do this by having a large bucket of water or two, and by counting and multiplying by two when you need new water.

Having two buckets will help ensure that one is full and the other has been used up. The problem most people find is that the plastic container gets dirty very quickly. With only having one container it becomes very hard to have enough space for its maintenance.

Get multiple sized plastic bottles

homemade outdoor camping shower

If you are going to a shower or party, you should consider getting two sets of shower clothes. One set for the main event and one set for the after-party. This helps prepare in case you have to go back to your second set of clothes or the original set for maintenance purposes.

To maintain quality of the second set of clothes, it is recommended that you put the new clothes through a wash at least once before wearing them. Doing this allows any potential washers to get an idea of what type of clothing they are dealing with and how hard it may be to wash something out.

These new sets of clothing should always be exchangeable between parties.

Attach a filter to the water hose

homemade outdoor camping shower

This way, you can make a shower that has a water filter in it! Or, you can just use the hose that is provided.

As the hose is, it has a limited number of positions in which the water can flow. So, you have to be patient when taking a shower.

However, this cost more? You spend more money on outdoor showers? Why not just buy one of those luxury showers that cost much more than yours?

Well, for one thing, they are usually larger and have more components inside them. For example, they may have different sized heads or nozzles that go together into one unit.

For another thing, these kinds of outdoor showers are usually required by law for certain purposes. For example, showering on public land requires a shower.

Put the bucket on a stand

homemade outdoor camping shower

When you’re ready to go, it’s time to get wet! Most shower systems have a stand that you need to place on the floor or a ground to hold the shower head and/or handle.

Most allow you to adjust the water temperature, so you can find one that works for you. Make sure it has enough water coverage to comfortably wash your body.

If not, try another one of these tips out until you find one that works for you. Once you do, congratulations! You just built your own outdoor camping shower!

Make sure to take your time in preparing yourself for a good wash.

Start the shower and pour water over yourself

homemade outdoor camping shower

Once the shower is finished, you have several options. You can step inside and start the bath or you can get out of the shower and enter the bathStart the bath and pour water over yourself

For more advanced campers, you can try doing both at once. Go to the bathroom first and start the bath when you finish your business area. Then come back to the shower to enter it and wash yourself!

Either way, make sure you are touching yourself enough to get a good feel for your body. You want this set up so that when someone comes to take your shower, you can walk through together!

Some things people may comment on or notice when they enter your tent or room with this setup is how nice the surroundings are. There is plenty of wood, seating, and attractive elements that enhance your environment.

These same people may also note how nice your body feels after taking in all of these details.

Switch between holding the bottle and putting it on the ground

homemade outdoor camping shower

When the time is right, you can put the baby in the dirt, so why not start now roofing over the baby with a potty seat?

It can be fun to switch up how you handle the bottle and child. Some parents like to hold the child at one side of the diaper and/or playmat and let the parent handle the feeding. Others prefer to put a bottle down for a minute and then feed. Still others like to combine both tactics.

To experiment with these tactics, have some toys or non-baby things nearby to play with.

Rinse off and dry yourself

homemade outdoor camping shower

After you’ve cleaned yourself, it’s time to wash your skin. You can do a quick clean or a more thorough one like the one above. Either way, make sure to leave time to dry or refrigerate your shower soap and/or shampoo before attempting to do so in the outdoors!

After you’ve finished washing your body, it is time to get out those hair products. Most people use coconut oil as their hair oil, but there are many brands out there. Look for ones with fewer ingredients and lower temperatures required tomake them.

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