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How To Make A Outdoor Shower For Camping




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Camp showers have been a topic of discussion among campers for years. Some say that they are a necessity, while others would happily go without. However, if you are going to spend time camping, it is best to have a camp shower for cleanliness and comfort.

To create your own outdoor shower, you will need to get some supplies. The main item you will need is a watertight tent. You can purchase these online or at outdoor equipment stores.

You will also need some sort of water source that is close by, as well as something to dry off with after your shower. A towel or large cloth will do the trick!

This article will go into detail about how to make an outdoor shower for camping, what supplies to get, and how to use it properly.

Get a metal hanger

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

The next thing you need to make a camping shower is a metal hanger. You can either get one from your home or at the store, but make sure it is sturdy.

These are usually used to hang clothes, but since you are making a camping shower, you will be using it to hang the hose that brings the water from the bucket to the shower head.

The hose needs to be held up so that the water flows through it and onto you. You could just put the hose on the ground, but then all the water would just flow away. Not very efficient!

By having it hung up, more water will hit you and get you clean.

Get a metal bracket

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

Next, you will need to get a metal bracket to hold your shower head. You can find these at any home improvement store or hardware store.

They are very cheap, usually under five dollars, and you only need one. Once you get back from your trip, you can re-use it for future camping trips or hang plants in your garden!

Camping shower heads are compatible with standard garden hose threads which is great because you can just pick up a hose to use with it!

The best part about the bracket is that it can be adjustable so you can position the shower head where it is most convenient for you. You can also rotate it to whichever direction works best for you when washing yourself.

This is great because it prevents water from being wasted due to poor placement on the camp site.

Buy a waterproof shower head

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

Once you have your bucket, hose, and valve, the next step is to get a shower head. You can either buy one or make one, but either way, make sure it is waterproof.

A normal shower head will not work as it is not waterproof. A beach shower head will work, but make sure the hose fits onto your new water source!

Sketch out where you will place everything and how it will work before starting to assemble everything.

Buy waterproof wall hooks

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

Now that you have your bucket, let’s talk about how to hang the shower nozzle. You will need waterproof wall hooks to do this.

These come in a few different forms, such as suction cups or screws into the wall. The best kind is the ones that have a screw in the back that goes into the wall.

This way, you can adjust how far away the nozzle is from the wall and how high or low it is. This is important so that the water flows out of the nozzle correctly.

Put these at different levels so that people can pick up their soap before exiting the shower. Also, make sure to put down a towel underneath so that people do not slip on wet ground.

Hang the shower curtain around the shower head

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

Now that you have your water source and your storage, it is time to put them together. The last piece of the puzzle is to attach the hose to the spigot.

Once this is done, you can hang the shower curtain around the shower head so that it does not get wet while you are filling the tub. You can also use a tarp or plastic over the tub if you do not have a curtain.

At this point, your outdoor shower is complete! Now all you have to do is take a nice long shower and enjoy your hard work. You are now ready for camping or festivals where this will come in handy.

This was a helpful way to create an outdoor shower for camping, but it could be used for more than just that. It is a good way to refresh after a day at work or work outside in the field.

Run the water and test it for leaks

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

Once you have everything set up, it is time to test the shower. Make sure all the parts are together correctly, and then put it all together.

Make sure the water is flowing through the hose properly, and that the hose is not kinked or pinched anywhere. Then make sure the shower head hangs properly and feels like it is getting enough water from the tank.

If you have a small bucket or pan to catch some water to check for leaks, this would be a good time to use it. Put some water in the tank and see if you can find any leaks in either the base or top part of the unit.

Make any necessary adjustments before taking it camping with you! You do not want to have to repair any leaks while out camping. It is best to check before going out for your trip.

Wash and dry your hair beforehand

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people do not do this. It can be really hard to get wet hair completely dry while camping.

Depending on the weather, you may not have a way to dry your hair. It is best to get it as dry as possible before you get wet. Even if you have to wash it the night before, that is better than being wet for hours and still having wet hair.

Washing your hair the night before also helps because then it can air-dry while you are sleeping. You will wake up with pretty much normal hair, just a little bit more fluffy than usual.

Camping showers are very invigorating so you will want to make the most of your time in there! You will also feel more clean after getting rid of all the camp dirt, so your hair should feel better too.

Use conditioner in your hair to keep it from sticking to your face

how to make a outdoor shower for camping

This may seem like a strange tip, but it’s a great one! If you have long hair, try tying it back in a tight ponytail. If you have short hair, try using conditioner in your hair to keep it from sticking to your face.

If your hair is too long or too wet, then the best solution is to wrap a towel around your head until you are dry and dressed. This will keep you warm and safe from cold air hitting your head as you get dressed.

A camping shower can get pretty windy, so keeping your head covered will help keep you warm and dry.

Camping showers can get cold, but there are some ways to stay warm. A sleeping bag and/or blanket are must-haves for a good night’s sleep. You can also layer up before getting in your sleeping bag to keep warm.

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