Best Pop up Camper Shower Toilet Combo Options

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  • Date: October 17, 2022
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Looking for the best Pop up Camper Shower Toilet Combo? Most people who own pop up campers know that one of the most important features to have is a good shower. After all, when you are out in the wilderness, it is important to be able to clean yourself off. However, setting up a shower can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you do not have a good place to put it.

That is why many people opt for a shower/toilet combo unit. These units are compact and easy to set up, and they provide everything you need in one convenient place. Plus, they come in a variety of different styles to suit your needs. Here are a few of the best options on the market:

YITAHOME Portable Sink and Toilet

Looking for an easy and efficient way to wash your hands and dishes or even flush your waste while on the go? This combination design provides 4.5 gallons of fresh water for washing, with used water flowing into the 5.3-gallon flush tank of the RV toilet.

The T-type water outlet of the toilet efficiently flushes the bowl, while the rotating pour spout helps you quickly and easily dump waste without any splashing. Plus, the humanized level indicator will remind you when it’s time to empty the waste tank. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just spending time outdoors, the YITAHOME Portable Sink and Toilet is the perfect solution for all your needs!

YITAHOME Portable Sink and Toilet, 17 L Hand Washing Station & 5.3 Gallon Flush Potty, for Outdoor, Camping, RV, Boat, Camper, Travel
9.4/10Our Score
  • RECYCLING WORKING: The hand washing station provides 4.5 gallon fresh water for washing hands, food or dishes; Then the used water can flow into the fresh water tank of the rv toilet to flush the waste; The combination design can maximize water utilization to be friendly to the environment
  • PORTABLE CAMPING SINK: The portable handwashing station can make you feel as convenient as in a real bathroom or kitchen, when you are outdoors; Just need to step on the hands-free foot pump to get continuous water, wash hands with the liquid of soap dispenser, finally hang the towel on the rack
  • COMPOSTING TOILET: The T-type water outlet of portable toilet can effectively flush the bowl; And the rotating pour spout can help you dump the waste quickly without splashing; The humanized level indicator can remind you to empty the waste tank, when it turns red, which means full-tank waste
  • SAFE & LEAK-PROOF: The camping wash basin and porta potty are both made of high-density HDPE material, which is safe to wash items and anti-leakage to prevent the nasty odors of waste; Strong structure and durable materials for long-term use
  • EASY TO INSTALL: For its detachable and compact design, the outdoor sink can be set up by yourself in minutes without needing additional tools; The detailed user guide can help you accelerate the process very much; While the camping toilet needs no installation

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Looking for a compact and easy-to-use camping shower that will make your camping trip more enjoyable? Look no further than the Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter.

This great shower shelter measures 87″H x 4’6″ x 4″6″, making it just the right size for one or two people. It includes a mesh shower rack inside and a removable hanging towel bar outside, along with a large, zippered D-style door. The Heavy Duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls and rainfly and removable rip-stop polyethylene floor are durable and long-lasting, while the rust-resistant 3/4″ diameter chain-corded steel poles are easy to set

The setup is extremely simple – you just put up the tent, place the cassette or porta-potty inside when you need to use it, and have total privacy. When you need to shower, you just remove the toilet and use the 5-gallon water tank to take your shower.

This product is ideal because it requires no installation work and can be easily taken down and transported when you are finished using it. It is also great for people who do not want to put holes in their camper to use a privacy tent. Overall, the porta-potty privacy tent is a great solution for anyone who wants to have a private space to use the bathroom or take a shower while camping.

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room Gray
  • 5 Gallon Camp Shower Measures 87"H x 4'6" x 4"6" and includes mesh shower rack inside and removable hanging towel bar outside
  • Large, zippered D-style door with Heavy Duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls and rainfly and removable rip-stop polyethylene floor
  • Rust-resistant 3/4" diameter chain-corded steel poles with durable speed clips to secure the shelter to the frame; Flame retardant
  • 2 no-see-um mesh windows with zippered storm flats and 4 no see-um mesh roof panels provide superior ventilation. Rainfly has 2 see-through skylights for better visibility inside.
  • Includes stakes and carry/storage bag

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