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Quail is a species of bird that is very common in domesticated breeding. Quail are typically known for their very common domesticated breed called the Coturnix quail, also known as the Japanese quail.

These birds are not extremely popular as pets, however, they are fun to have! They are very social animals and need interaction with other quail or birds of the same species.

Quail eggs are a common food source for these birds, which is why an outdoor cage needs to be built for them. You can either purchase materials to build the cage or look up how to make one online. There are many resources for building cages so don’t worry if you do not know how to!

The most important part of building a cage for these particular birds is making it secure. This article will go into detail about some tips on how to build an outdoor quail cage.

Purchase a Cage

how to build an outdoor quail cage

Quail cages can be found in most pet stores. You can also find them online, as well as craigslist and facebook marketplace. Make sure to look for one that has enough room for the number of quail you want to raise.

Quail grow quickly, so make sure the cage is large enough to fit them as they grow. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 feet by 2 feet per quail.

The cage should have a sturdy base that cannot be tipped easily. The bars must also be strong enough to hold the weight of the quail and their droppings. Look for cages made of metal for strength and longevity.

Make sure the door is secure so that your quails cannot escape!

Several people make their own cages, using wood and wire mesh for durability and accessibility for the birds.

Build the Base for Your Cage

how to build an outdoor quail cage

Once you have all of your supplies, you can start building your quail cage. The first thing you will do is build the base for the cage. You will want to make sure that it is wide and strong enough to hold all of the inhabitants and their supplies.

You will also want to make sure that it is tall enough so that your quails can stand up straight without hitting their heads on the top of the cage. A good rule of thumb is two times the length of the quail is tall enough.

The base should have a door that closes securely so that your quails do not escape. They are small birds, so they can easily slip through small openings! Make sure yours are too big or too strong or you may end up with some escaping.

After constructing the base, put in a layer of bedding material like paper or soft grasses.

Place Grass Inside the Cage

how to build an outdoor quail cage

When you place your quail in the cage, they will appreciate having something to peck at and eat.

You can place dried grass inside the cage for them to peck at and eat. You can also add some wheat or oat seed for them to feed on. Both of these can be purchased at a local pet store or online.

It is a good idea to wash the grass before placing it in the cage. This is because it may contain pesticides or other chemicals that are not safe for the quail.

When breeding season comes around, it is a good idea to remove the grass or replace it with something else. This is because baby quails cannot eat grass until they are older.

To make your cage more comfortable, add some bedding like paper towels or toilet paper rolls.

Place Rocks Inside the Cage

Once you have built your quail cage, you will need to add a few things inside of it. The first is some sort of hiding place.

Quails like to have a sheltered area where they can retreat if they are scared. This also helps when cleaning the cage, as they will usually stay in this area while you do so.

You can use wood, grasses, or even small rocks to create a hiding place. As long as it is tall enough for them to fit in, and covers both top and bottom, it is good!

Quails like having privacy so adding some large rocks inside the cage will help them feel more comfortable. It may take them a little while to dig down into the soil under the rock but eventually they will find the soft bottom and relax.

Place Wooden Perches Inside the Cage

how to build an outdoor quail cage

Quails love to perch and walk around on wooden or wire perches. You can either make or buy a cage with built-in perches.

If you make your own quail cage, then you will need to place wooden or metal perches inside the cage. Quails like to have a place to land and strut around on.

Quails also like to have a sheltered area where they can retreat if they are scared. You can make this with netting or a door attached to the cage.

In general, one inch of perch space is required for every two quails. This way, they have enough room to strut and land without getting too close to each other.

Make sure the perch is sturdy enough so that the quail does not fall off during the night when it is sleeping. Refresh the paper every few days to keep it clean and safe.

Place Shelters Within the Cage

how to build an outdoor quail cage

Quail need a shelter to retreat to when they are cold, frightened, or otherwise need protection. You can make a simple shelter using a box with a hole in the front and back and draped with cloth.

You can also use a commercially made cage that has built-in shelters. If you choose this route, just make sure it is large enough for several birds to stand up in and turn around in.

Shelters should be cleaned and replaced periodically due to wear and tear. When replacing them, make sure the new ones are waterproof. Quail do not like wet conditions, so thin plastic or cloth material is not acceptable replacements.

Quail are very domesticated birds, so they will spend a lot of time out of the shelter when they feel safe. Make sure to give them enough space so that they do not feel confined or insecure.

Hang Molting Feeders Within the Cage

how to build an outdoor quail cage

Once you have built your quail cage, the next step is to add some feeders and supplies. You can either purchase these items or make them yourself, depending on your carpentry skills.

Quails will run out of food and starve, so it is important to provide them with enough food. They will also eat each other’s feathers, making it necessary to provide them with adequate molting feeders.

To ensure their safety and survival, it is required to give them separate cages during mating season. This is because the males are very aggressive towards each other, and one will end up killing the other.

You can either purchase two separate cages, or you can use one large cage with separators to keep the quails separated.

Install a Feeding System

Once your quail cage is complete, you will need to install a feeding system. You can choose to put in a regular bowl, however this can get messy and the quail will have to work harder to find food.

It is best to purchase a food dispenser that holds food or grain above the ground where the birds can easily access it. These are also easy to clean so that bacteria and mold does not grow inside of them.

Some feeders automatically dispense the food or grain, which is even better! Quail tend to be territorial so one bird may not want to go near the feeder until it sees the other eating, then it will too.

You will have to clean these feeders occasionally so that bacteria and mold does not grow and make your quail sick.

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