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Camping toilets are a bit of a taboo topic, but they are an essential part of camping! Campers would be very uncomfortable without a place to dispose of waste and toilet paper.

Toilets can be bought or rented in outdoors, but making your own camping toilet is easy and affordable! All you need is a bag to collect waste in, a pan or bucket to deposit the waste in, and a place to bury it.

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Camping toilets can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Some people use litter boxes with pine pellets for odor control, while others use buckets with sand or dirt mixed in as sanitation. Some even use nature itself to hide the toilet!

This article will discuss how to make an outdoor toilet for camping that is low cost and easy to set up.

Buy a Plastic Cover

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

A loo cover is the next thing you need to make an outdoor toilet. A loo cover is a plastic sheet that you put over the hole of the loo to protect the ground below.

These are sold in many camping stores and even online, so look around for the best price. You can also use a tarp or tent material instead of buying a special loo cover, but then you have to be careful when moving around on it.

A loo cover can also be your go-to for any outdoor showers as well! Having the ability to recycle and use this material again is helpful in being green.

Buy Toilet Paper

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

Toilet paper is not a thing that nature gives us. You have to buy it or make it yourself. Toilet paper can be purchased at camping stores, big-box stores like Walmart, or online.

Toilet paper can be very expensive at outdoor stores, so check other sources first! Buying in bulk can also reduce the cost considerably.

Toilet paper can also be made by using old newspaper or recycled paper. You would have to layer this material thick enough to absorb your waste, however. Check out this link for more details!

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend money on toilet paper, then use sand or pebbles as an alternative.

Buy Ground Pepper

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

Once you have your toilet area set up, the next step is to get some cleaning supplies. You will need water, a scrub brush or bottle brush, a jug or container to hold water, and ground pepper.

The water will be used to wash the toilet area and scrub the bowl clean. The pepper will help mask any odor coming from the bowl. An added bonus is that insects do not like the smell of pepper!

In addition, you can get a campground approved chemical to spray on the toilet area to prevent growth of mold and bacteria. This is not necessary though if you keep the area dry.

This is a great way to save some money while camping as well.

Mix Ground Pepper in Water and Place in Bottle or Canister

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

This is a great way to keep bugs away. Ground pepper has been proven to work against mosquito larvae. When the larvae develop, they will come into contact with the water containing ground pepper, which damages their protective coating and kills them.

You can purchase pre-made larvicide in cans, but it is easy to make your own and save some money! All you need is ground pepper, water, and a container to mix them in.

You can also use cayenne powder instead of ground pepper. This may be more effective as well due to its higher concentrations of capsaicin, which are what kill the larvae.

Both of these spices are inexpensive so you do not have to spend much to protect yourself from bugs! Make sure to always check for an expiration date though since spices do not last forever.

Use Cardboard to Make Signs Saying “outdoor Toilet”

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

A critical part of making an outdoor toilet is ensuring people know where to go. If you have a secluded area, this is easy.

But if you do not, it is important to put out signs indicating the location of the toilet. This can be done with signs, markers on trees, or pointing towards the facility.

People will be more likely to use the facility if they know where it is and feel safe going there. Giving them privacy by pointing them in the right direction is also important.

Making a sign with clear words such as “toilet” or “bathroom” and placing it at the site will help people understand where it is. Giving directions to the facility also helps prevent people from going to the wrong place.

Place Canister Under Seat

To create a fully functional toilet, you will need a canister to store waste in. You will also need a way to dispose of the contents, which will be covered later in this article.

Canisters come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of people that will be using the toilet. The size of the canister depends on how many times it needs to be emptied.

Smaller canisters will need to be emptied more often due to the volume they hold. Larger canisters will need to be emptied less often as they hold more content.

A general rule of thumb is one gallon per person per day. This way, you are guaranteed that you have enough storage for your camp site! Canisters come in different colors, so make sure you pick one that is camouflage so it does not stand out.

Place Tissue Under Seat

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

Toilet paper should be placed under the toilet seat. This is not a joke- this is a very important camp sanitation tip!

Toilet paper can get wet, but it needs to be changed often. Once it gets wet, it needs to be replaced- you do not want to use it again. Wet toilet paper can also lead to infection if not replaced and avoided.

Toilet paper quickly disintegrates when exposed to water, which is why it must be placed under the seat. The water will eventually dry up, but if there is more water than that, then the toilet paper will not stay in place.

The water will also cause discomfort when sitting on the toilet, so placing tissue underneath the seat will prevent that.

Wash with Water After Using Toilet

how to make an outdoor toilet for camping

After you use the toilet, you must wash your hands with water. This is very important to prevent getting sick. You must also wash the toilet seat and surrounding area with water.

To do this, you will need a bucket or bowl to wash your hands in and enough water to wash the toilet and area around it. A good way to do this is to keep a watering can or hose nearby and spray off the areas and toilet seat.

Then, use the water in the can or hose to wet your hands and clean them. By doing this, you are washing away any germs on your hands.

Washing with soap and water is an important part of keeping healthy while camping. Even if you do not have access to a regular bath, taking time to do this will help keep you healthy. Campers who take time to wash up after using the outdoor toilet will feel better at night when they get into their tents.

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