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Things to Do For Kids in Phuket

If you have kids, there are plenty of fun things for them to do while you’re on vacation. There are places to zip line and play mini golf, and you can even visit an elephant-friendly park. Here are some suggestions. And remember, these are only some of the many things to do for kids in Phuket!

Fun activities for kids

Phuket offers a huge variety of fun activities for kids. While the island is famous for its beaches and nightlife, it also offers several family entertainment areas, including waterparks, kids clubs, and heritage walks. You can even visit places to teach your children about different cultures. Here are some fun activities for children in Phuket.

The Phuket Kids Club: This club is devoted to the well-being of children of all ages. It contains many games and activities, including a ball pit and a jungle gym. Kids can also participate in various workshops, such as making cupcakes. The activities are supervised by full-time staff. Parents can leave their children alone for hours knowing that they are in good hands.

Places to play mini-golf

Mini-golf is a great form of entertainment for children and adults. Phuket has a variety of places where you can play, including at the Phuket Mini Golf Sanctuary. This 18-hole course is surrounded by palm trees and landscaped grounds. This course is designed to challenge all levels of golfers. It can take one to an hour to complete. This course is suitable for families with young children.

A popular mini-golf course is Dino Park located between Kata and Karon on the south west coast of Phuket. The course is ideal for kids of all ages and is also an excellent place to hone your putting skills. The course is easily accessible from the beachside villages of Karon, Cherngtalay, and Kata.

Zip lining places to visit

Zip lining is a great adventure option for those looking for a new adventure in Phuket. Zip lining allows you to fly through the jungle in a thrilling and exciting way. You can choose between zip lining in the rainforest, the ocean or the sky. Zip lining can be enjoyed with your children at Hanuman World. This zip lining activity is part of a tour and includes a guide.

It will take approximately two hours to complete the course. The course is easy enough to be completed by children of all ages. Zip lining is suitable for people of all fitness levels. The best thing about zip lining is that the activity is safe and fun. Children as young as four can take part in the adventure.

Parks that are friendly to elephants

There are several places in Phuket where kids can get up close and personal with elephants. These places offer an unforgettable elephant encounter experience. This includes bathing with them, cleaning their vines, and feeding them. You can also enjoy a traditional Thai lunch with fresh fruits or vegetables. And they can learn about Thai culture while being entertained by the animals.

For instance, the Phang Nga Elephant Park allows children to bathe and feed elephants. It also offers a unique experience: riding on an elephant’s neck. This is considered safer than traditional riding on the spine. This park also offers a Kids Elephant Experience program where kids can learn about the animal’s life and have a hands-on experience with them.

Places to volunteer with gibbons

Volunteering at gibbon rehab centers is an excellent way for children to learn about the animals and the environment. These centers are dedicated to the rehabilitation and eventual release of gibbons into the wild. Volunteering is a great way for children to help animals in distress. There are many rehab centers in Phuket.

The Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project helps to protect gibbons from being poached from the forest. This species is protected by law, but is often stolen by tourists for entertainment purposes. Poachers often target these species because they are easy to capture and offer great photo opportunities for tourists. They often kill 15 gibbons in order to get one baby gibbon. Gibbons are also fed unhealthy food and given alcohol to help them fall asleep.

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