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Things to Do For Kids in Italy




rialto bridge in venice

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It is a good idea to take your children along on your trip to Italy. These places may seem out of the ordinary, but they are sure to keep your children entertained. You can also take them to see volcanoes, catteries, and nature parks.

Things to Do For Kids in Italy

Nature parks

There are many hiking trails that cross Italy. They take you to beautiful meadows, thick forests, and beautiful beauty spots. Spending a half-day in the great outdoors can really clear your mind and make you appreciate the country more. You will also get a great night’s rest from the energy you will burn during the hike. The Molina Waterfalls Park has 18 waterfalls and a medieval settlement. There are three trails that you can follow. You can also explore the park’s nearby watermills, which have been in operation for centuries.


Lakes in Italy are a great choice for families with young children. They offer both natural beauty and child-friendly activities. These destinations offer something for everyone, from public lidos and waterparks to scenic views and museums designed for young minds.


It is a great way to introduce your child the world of cats to them. You can even adopt a cat! These facilities are managed by the Cat Fanciers Association.


There are many ways to take your kids to Italy’s volcanoes. You can take a bus to the summit, where you can walk around the crater and buy souvenirs. Another option is to take a helicopter ride over the volcano.

Pisa Tower Leaning Tower

If you are traveling to Italy with kids, you should consider visiting the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. This iconic landmark is located in Piazza di San Giovanni and is a must-see attraction. Pisa is home to stunning beaches and amusement parks, in addition to the tower. It is a great place for families who want to enjoy a wide range of family-friendly activities.

Park of the Five Senses in Messina

Families with children will love Messina, Sicily. The Park of the Five Senses features an earth path and a variety of activities for kids to enjoy. The park promotes health and wellbeing through the use the five senses. It also features mini workshops, interactive games, and a delicious lunch.

Cycle over medieval walls in Lucca

The ancient origins of Lucca can be traced back to the Roman era, and this can be seen in the town’s grid layout and shadow of the amphitheater. The two main streets that run through the fortified town meet at the forum, which was once the town’s main market and political center. Tourists can visit Lucca’s oldest mint, which is located within the walls.

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