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Things to Do For Kids in Milan




Things to Do For Kids in Milan

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Things to Do For Kids in Milan

Milan has plenty to offer your children, whether they love to ride amusement park rides or worship in historic cathedrals. Leolandia amusement park is one of the most popular and fun things to do for kids in Milan. Other attractions include the Leonardo da Vinci museum, MUBA Museum, and San Gottardo di Corte church.

Leolandia amusement park

Leolandia is a theme park that features over 40 rides for kids, including those for smaller ones. Six themed areas are divided into the park, each with their own attractions. There are also live shows and a petting zoo, which will delight children. The park’s rides, including Thomas the Train, will please both parents and thrill seekers. The park also offers a restaurant and functional facilities for families with young children.

Leolandia, a fun-filled amusement park in Milan, Italy for children, is located at the intersection of Milan and Viale delle Grazie. The park began with 161 miniature models of famous places and is now home to over 40 rides. These rides include mild coasters, free-falls, and water rapids. It also has a Leonardo da Vinci-themed area that features rides based on his sketches.

Leonardo da Vinci museum

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is a great place for your children to visit in Milan. This museum, which is Italy’s largest science and technology museum, is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, a scientist and painter. It was inaugurated by Alcide de Gasperi, the Italian Prime Minister.

This museum is very child-friendly. Bring your children along and bring a stroller. It’s small so you might need to maneuver around other visitors and the exhibits to reach the baby changing table. The museum also has a bookshop that sells souvenirs including replicas of da Vinci’s machines.

MUBA museum

One of the best things to do for kids in Milan is to visit the MUBA museum. This museum is designed for kids and features rotating interactive exhibits and workshops that promote creativity and play. All ages are welcome to spend a day here.

Aero-Gravity is another family-friendly attraction in Milan. It is located 12km from the city centre, but is easily accessible by walking from the Rho Fieramilano metro station. This family attraction is easy to reach and takes only a few minutes. The Museum of Natural History in Milan also houses a planetarium. It is one of the oldest projection planetariums in the world, and there are several shows every day.

San Gottardo in Corte church

Just below the Duomo Cathedral is the San Gottardo In Corte church. This fascinating church has many ancient artifacts, and is also home to some underground excavations. Kids will love exploring the church’s bell tower and the beautiful paintings that decorate it.

This Milan landmark is a great place to take kids. It has a huge octagonal bell tower and the world’s oldest public clock. The first clock, not a sundial, was installed in this church by Azzone Visconti in the 1330s. The church was originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but after Azzone Visconti suffered from gout for many years, he changed the name of the church to San Gottardo di Hildesheim, the patron saint of people who suffer from gout.

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