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Things to Do For Kids in Santa Clara




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Santa Clara offers many fun activities and events for families looking for something to do together. Here are a few suggestions. Sky High Sports, Penitencia creek County Park, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, and Skyline Boulevard might interest you.

Things to Do For Kids in Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California, is a family-friendly city with exciting attractions, outdoor activities, and educational experiences for kids of all ages. In this article, we will explore some of the best things to do in Santa Clara for kids, ensuring a fun-filled trip for the whole family. From thrilling amusement parks to fascinating museums, Santa Clara has something for everyone.

California’s Great America

One of the top attractions in Santa Clara for families is California’s Great America, a famous amusement park featuring a variety of thrilling rides, live entertainment, and exciting events. This park guarantees family fun with roller coasters, water rides, and attractions for younger kids.

Intel Museum

The Intel Museum is an excellent destination for kids interested in technology and innovation. This interactive museum offers hands-on exhibits and displays, providing an engaging learning experience for kids and adults alike. From learning about the history of computer technology to exploring the future of innovation, the Intel Museum is a must-visit spot in Santa Clara.

Santa Clara Central Park

Head to Santa Clara Central Park, a beautiful 52-acre park featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities for outdoor fun. The park also includes a lake, walking trails, and a seasonal splash pad, making it the perfect spot for families to enjoy outdoor activities.

K1 Speed Santa Clara

For kids who love the thrill of racing, K1 Speed Santa Clara offers an exciting indoor go-kart racing experience. With electric karts and a professionally-designed track, kids can race against their friends and family while enjoying a safe and fun environment.

Triton Museum of Art

The Triton Museum of Art is a fantastic place for kids to explore their creative side. With a diverse collection of contemporary art and interactive exhibits, the museum offers a unique experience for families. The museum also hosts art classes and workshops for children, allowing them to develop their artistic skills.

Ulistac Natural Area

For a day of nature exploration, visit the Ulistac Natural Area, a 40-acre open space preserve featuring native plants and wildlife. The preserve offers several walking trails, bird-watching opportunities, and educational displays, making it an excellent destination for families interested in learning about local ecosystems.

Central Park Library

The Central Park Library is a valuable resource for families visiting Santa Clara. The library offers a wide range of books, movies, and other materials and a dedicated children’s section with age-appropriate resources. In addition to its vast collection, the library also hosts regular events and activities for kids, such as storytimes and craft workshops.

Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports Santa Clara is a great place for the whole family. Your kids will have a blast with walls of trampolines, dodgeball courts, and other fun activities. This trampoline park also offers special events like family discount nights and Munchkin Mondays, which is excellent for children with special needs. The park also offers water and pizza, so kids can stay refreshed and healthy while having fun.

The Santa Clara trampoline park was over capacity when Ron and Raymond Miller opened it. Before opening, 100 people waited outside the park on a Saturday. This was before the COVID-19 law, and trampoline parks were opening up nationwide. These entrepreneurs could set up their operations in warehouses and old airplane hangars. Although these early days were difficult, they soon realized a profit of $150 per month.

Skyline Boulevard

Things to do for kids on Skyline Boulevard include the Japanese American Museum, which has rotating and permanent exhibits. These exhibits chronicle over a century of Japanese history in the United States. They explore early Japanese immigration, leadership in the agricultural community, and incarceration during World War II. They also stimulate discussions of civil liberties today. Admission to the museum is free for kids under five years old.

The outdoor playground is great for children. The park features climbing structures and other play areas for great family outings. A stage among the redwoods will delight little performers, and some trails lead up to the park’s stage and into the trees.

Penitencia Creek County Park

Penitencia Creek County Park is an excellent place for families to spend time together. The natural area includes hiking trails, picnic areas, and a youth science center. It also has a creek, a great spot to see wildlife. The park’s Aquila Loop Trail is a great place for families with children and beginners.

The creek runs through the park, which is 163 acres. Penitencia Creek Park is part of a parkway project that begins with Alum Rock Regional Park, which includes picnic grounds and a nature center. The trail continues intermittently from there, but park visitors are encouraged not to use the road shoulder between Noble Avenue and the park.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, a small 16-acre zoo in San Jose, California, is a great place to visit. The zoo opened its doors in 1961. It closed in 2008 due to major renovations. After major renovations, the zoo was reopened in March 2010.

Happy Hollow is a great organization that protects animals and their habitats. The Quarters for Conservation program of the organization supports the conservation of local and international wildlife. Happy Hollow is a wonderful place for families with children.


Santa Clara, California, offers a wealth of attractions and activities for families to enjoy. From exciting amusement parks like California’s Great America to educational experiences at the Intel Museum, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Santa Clara for kids. Start planning your

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