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Things to Do For Kids in Chichen Itza




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There are many things to do in Chichen Itza. The Visitor Center has exhibits on Mayan culture and a scale model for the ruins. You can also buy souvenirs and local crafts. You can even have your child’s name carved in Mayan hieroglyphs. There is also a Sound and Light show at El Castillo, which features projected images onto the pyramid. The ruins are full of mythological creatures, such as the god of rain. You can also visit the National Museum of Anthropology, which houses Maya artifacts. To learn more about the Maya culture and history, you can visit the Great Museum of the Maya World at Merida.

Things to Do For Kids in Chichen Itza


When visiting Chichen Itza with kids, be sure to find a cenote that’s not too deep. These natural pools can be slippery and dangerous so make sure your children have life jackets. You can find sections of cenotes that have real stairs. However, you can also find sections that may be shallow enough to be suitable for children.

The first cenote, called Xkeken, is filled with stalactites and is very shallow. There are several different entrances to this cenote, and you can swim, jump, and snorkel here. The water is cool and never heats up from the sun.

Ball court

Chichen Itza is one of the most famous Mayan ruins in the world, and it’s the perfect destination for families with kids. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and is a beautiful Mayan city. These structures were built without any metal tools or wheels and are a great place to explore and learn about the Maya culture.

Ball games were used by the ancient Mayans for rituals and community gatherings. At Chichen Itza, you can explore the largest Mayan ball court, which measures 225 feet by 545 feet. It is an excellent example of an open-sky court that allows the sounds of the game, which resonate throughout the ancient city, to be heard.

Sacred cenote

The Sacred cenote in Chichen Itza is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Some cenotes are protected archaeological sites, while others have become a popular tourist attraction. In any case, the kids are sure to enjoy their time at this unique site.

Many ancient objects have been preserved in the Sacred cenote, which is filled with water. These objects, including weapons and human remains, were used in religious rituals.

Mayan ruins

Although the ruins of Chichen Itza don’t offer much climbing, there are still many things to see. The main temple, the Temple of Warriors, features a reclining chacmool statue, two columns with serpent-like feathers, and warriors in armor and headdresses. The monument is located near the Sacred Cenote, a well where sacrifices were thrown. This well was also used to worship the god Chac, who brought storms and rain to the Maya people.

There are many things to see at Chichen Itza, from temples and buildings to pathways and roads. The ruins are brightly colored and full of history. Even children will be captivated by the ancient architecture and intricate detail.

Light show tour

A Chichen Itza light show is one of the most special ways to see the ruins at night. This show transforms the ruins into an amazing experience by using 3D mapping and dramatic lighting. The show retells the story of the Mayans in a visually stunning manner, with the light displays accompanied by soothing, rhythmic sounds.

The light show is only offered at night so it is important that visitors reserve their seats in advance. However, the show is definitely worth it, and children will love the show. There are several different options available for families visiting Chichen Itza. The Kukulkan Pyramid and El Castillo Pyramid are also available. If you have the time, you can also visit the Temple of the Warriors and a sacred cenote.

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