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Things to Do For Kids in Perugia




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There are many things to do in Perugia. There’s also a wakeboard park, a chocolate factory and an archaeological museum. The national gallery has over 40 rooms filled with works of art. There’s even a weird soap bubbles exhibition.

Things to Do For Kids in Perugia

Wakeboard Park

If you’re visiting Perugia with young children, there are many activities to keep them busy. The city center is a great place to explore with kids. The city has a charming medieval center and the mini metro system makes it easy to travel. Kids will love the quaint little streets and open spaces that lead to the main piazza. You will also find many cafes and museums in the center of the city.

Perugia Family Park

Perugia, the capital of Umbria, is an Italian city with a wealth of cultural offerings. Its defensive walls surround the historic center and feature the medieval Priori Palace, which is filled with regional art from the 13th century. Visitors can also enjoy the Renaissance paintings and frescoes in the Gothic cathedral. The city is also home to the Fontana Maggiore, a marble fountain that features carvings of zodiac signs and biblical scenes.

Perugia’s archaeological museum

The archaeological museum in Perugia is a great place to take children on a discovery tour. The Hypogeum of Volumni, an Etruscan funerary memorial, can be explored. It dates back to the third-century BC. The hypogeum is made up of seven rooms and an atrium. It contains cinerary urns as well as the remains of the Volumni families. You can also see a replica of the plan of a classical Roman house.

Perugia’s chocolate factory

A visit to Perugia’s chocolate factory is a great way for children who love chocolate. This factory has a museum and a factory tour for visitors. The chocolate factory is owned by Nestle and is open all year round. For 8 euros, children and adults can tour the factory. Seniors and disabled people pay 7 euros. There is ample parking for visitors.

Perugia’s necropolis

There are a few things to do for kids in Perugia’ necropolis. There are many educational workshops available for children in the Necropolis, which is a fascinating area. Some of these workshops will teach them about fresco technique, mosaic, and pottery. They can also participate in a simulated archaeological dig.

Perugia’s water parks

There are many things to do for kids in Perugia’a water parks. Citta dilla Domenica, an outdoor family-friendly theme park, is one of them. It is located two kilometers from the city. Mario Spagnoli, a Perugian businessman, created this park. He converted an old farm into a family theme park and opened it in April 1963. The park’s theme was inspired by stories and fairytales. In addition to traditional amusement park rides, it features a boating lake and many species of animals.

Perugia’s historical sites

Perugia is an excellent place to take your children to Italy to explore historical sites. The city has many wonderful attractions including stunning churches, museums, and even a chocolate factory. There are many national parks in the area. You can also take your kids on a tour to see all the natural wonders.

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