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Things to Do For Kids in Piedmont




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Piedmont offers a wide range of places for families to enjoy time together. The neighborhood is home to unique small businesses like Valentine’s, which has a cute play area. Piedmont Park and Dracena Quarry Park are two other options for outdoor activities. Both parks have clean bathrooms and playgrounds. The community pool is currently closed due to renovations.

Things to Do For Kids in Piedmont

Greensboro Children’s Museum

Greensboro’s Children’s Museum is the perfect place for kids to learn and play. This museum features over 20 exhibits and activities for children of all ages. Its new aquarium is a fun and educational way to get kids interested in the world around them. It also offers hands on activities in its outdoor play area where children can learn about animals and plants.

The Greensboro Children’s Museum has hands-on exhibits that will keep your little ones engaged for hours. There’s also an outdoor play plaza for kids to run around. Amtrak also makes it accessible, making it an ideal day trip.

Piedmont Park Conservancy

Piedmont Park is an Atlanta urban park. It is about a mile northeast of Downtown and lies between the neighborhoods of Virginia Highland and Midtown. The park’s origins can be traced back to Dr. Benjamin Walker who owned the land and used it for his out-of-town gentleman’s farm.

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The park offers educational programming for children of all ages. Young learners can explore plant parts, compare wild and human growth, and examine them under a microscope. They can also participate in scavenger hunts or take a self-guided tree tour to learn more about the park’s trees.

Peachtree Road Race

The Peachtree Race Road Race is a great way to spend Sunday. This annual race is one of Atlanta’s signature events. It promotes a sense of community and celebrates the entire American community. If you’re not able to make it to the race in person, you can watch it live online or over the air. It can be viewed on 11Alive, YouTube and the 11Alive mobile application, as well as Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Even if you aren’t a runner you can still enjoy it and grab some snacks for the journey. You will find a water station at each stop along the route. You can get a drink from the new coolers if you feel thirsty during the race. Live music will be featured on the awards stage.

Activities in Langhe

Langhe offers a variety of activities for children. There are many castles and small villages in the countryside. If you’d like to bring your kids along, you can join the Langhe for Kids program, which includes free entry to WiMu Wine Museum in Barolo.

A winery tour is a great option if you prefer to be outdoors. You’ll get to see sweeping views of the Langhe landscape as well as a taste of four of the region’s best wines. The tour includes a history lesson as well as an explanation of the wines from the region. In addition, you’ll get to taste local cheeses and cured meats. You can also make the most of the winery’s pool and gardens.

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