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Things to Do For Kids in Syracuse, New York




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You’re looking for fun activities to do with your kids in Syracuse, New York? This article will highlight some of the most popular attractions that kids will love. The article will also tell you about the Onondaga Lake Park, the Wild Animal Park, and the Everson Museum of Art.

Things to Do For Kids in Syracuse

Onondaga Lake Park

One of the things to do for kids in Syracuse is to explore Onondaga Lake Park. You can explore this park and its trails, which are located near Destiny USA. The Onondaga Historical Society Museum has exhibits about the history of the area. You can also visit the museum for free. There are many permanent and temporary exhibits.

Another place to take the kids is Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which offers Southern-style barbecue in a retro-industrial setting. It’s a great activity for all ages, including younger kids.

The Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park is a great place to take your children. The zoo covers 43 acres and includes an aviary and a wildlife trail. There are many animals to be seen, including reptiles and amphibians.

The zoo is one of the best things to do with kids in Syracuse. The zoo has almost 900 species of animals and has a number of activities for children and youth. There is even a Zoo Camp program for young visitors. Highlights include the Snow Leopard and Andean Bear, Two Toed Sloth, Red Panda, and Two-Toed Sloth.

The Everson Museum of Art

The Everson Museum of Art is a great choice for families with children who want to do something different for a day. The museum displays the works of American painters, sculptors, and artists. It also hosts special events.

The Everson Museum of Art was founded in 1897 and houses over 11,000 pieces of art from around the globe. It boasts the largest collection of ceramics in the United States as well as one of the largest video art collections. For art lovers, it’s an essential stop for a day out in Syracuse. It also offers free admission on Thursdays of the month, and docent-led tours.

The Great New York State Fair

The Great New York State Fair is a 13-day showcase of agriculture, technology, entertainment, and education. If you’re looking for family fun in Syracuse, this event is sure to delight. The fair is open to all ages and is free of charge.

The fair’s agricultural section is enormous. Children will be entertained by competitions for dairy products and open beef cattle. There are many animal exhibits such as llamas and meat goats. There is also a fine arts center, and mimes.

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