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Are Coolers Allowed on Myrtle Beach?





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are coolers allowed on myrtle beach

One of the most important questions to ask when planning a trip is “Are coolers permitted?” Some areas are restricted and others allow coolers. However, there are still a number of options that will allow you to enjoy your favorite beach beverages.


Myrtle Beach has strict beach rules that protect the health and safety of beachgoers. You can get a $500 fine for violating one of these ordinances. You may also get 30 days in jail.


Umbrellas are permitted on Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach during the summer season. They should be placed in line behind the umbrella line of the lifeguards. In addition, umbrellas should not exceed nine feet in diameter. Tents are allowed on the beach all year. Tents should not exceed three feet in diameter and four inches in width.


If your tent is not larger than the permitted size, you can still enjoy a beach vacation with it. But you have to check the city’s ordinance to ensure that you won’t get in trouble with city codes. Canopies larger than 12 feet by 12 inches are allowed.

Thong bathing suits

Myrtle Beach has made it illegal to wear thong bathing suit on the beach. Some beachgoers continue to flout this ban, despite it being illegal. However, one local woman has sparked a trend on Instagram. Among her followers is Sam Panda, a Pittsburgh native who miraculously survived a fall in Bali. She suffered a broken neck, and a damaged spine but she pulled through. Her photo taken from her hospital bed quickly became viral. The hashtag “cancel Myrtle Beach” has since grown into a popular hashtag.

Metal detecting

Metal detecting is a great hobby for people with a passion for adventure and the thrill of discovering buried treasure. These activities require specialized equipment and a little bit of knowledge about where to look for treasures. You should have the right equipment to use a metal detector at the beach. This includes a glove specifically designed for this purpose. You should also be sure to wear headphones to block out extraneous noises.


While the beach allows people to bring their pets, renters must follow certain laws regarding pets. In addition to obeying city leash laws, owners must supervise their pets. Common elements like patios and sidewalks may be allowed for pets, but only as an egress or ingress route. If the weather is acceptable, owners may allow their pets to go to the beach, a park across the street or along a walking path.

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