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Things to Do For Kids in Puebla




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Puebla offers a wide range of activities for children. Here are a few suggestions: Biblioteca Palafoxiana, Festival de la Ilusion, Museums, Restaurants, and Nightlife. These activities are ideal for families with kids. You can also enjoy the sights and sounds from the train. And for some cultural variety, you can head to the Museo de la Evolucion Puebla.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana

The Biblioteca Palfoxiana is a historic library located in Puebla City’s historic centre that offers a unique educational experience. Founded in 1646, this library has over 45,000 books and manuscripts from the 15th century to the 20th century. This historical library has a wealth of information about Puebla’s culture and history.

Located on the top floor of the Casa de la Cultura in Puebla city, Biblioteca Palafoxiana is free for kids under the age of six. Teachers and students are eligible for discounts. Tuesdays are free.

Festival de la Ilusion

There are many things to do in Puebla for kids. Whether you’re traveling with young children or your own, the city is sure to provide plenty of fun. The cathedral is a landmark in the city, with its tall bell towers. The interior is filled with gold, Renaissance-era art, and glimmering decor.

For those traveling with children, don’t miss the Puebla Museum. It’s located in a red building near the Templo de Santo Domingo. This building was once a women’s college in the mid-18th century, and now houses a museum dedicated to the artist’s wife. It houses pieces that range from prehispanic art to contemporary art, and it offers an insight into Mexican art’s development.


Mexico is a country where food is a major part of vacations. There are many great places where to eat, including the authentic poblano poboys and the delicious cemita porblana. Puebla is also home to two of the country’s most succulent dishes, mole poblano and pipian rojo.

La Casa del Mendrugo is a great place to treat your children to a fine meal. The rich Poblano cuisine at this restaurant is complemented by a large menu of regional dishes. For adults, you can also try some traditional Mexican dishes. Plus, as a restaurant guest, you can get free admission to the museum.


Puebla is a fun destination for families, and there are several museums for children to visit. There is a museum dedicated to the history of the city and several children’s museums. Sundays are free for the Regional Museum. A museum that focuses on Viena music is available for older children. There is also a traditional puppet museum. You can even ride the Estrella de Puebla, which is the largest portable ferris wheel in the world. VIP tickets are available for purchase to skip the line at the Ferris wheel.

Another museum that children will enjoy is the MUI. Located in an 18th-century building, this interactive museum features the work of students from the University of Puebla. The museum features changing exhibits on science and technology. My son was fascinated by the 3D simulation of climate change, and I was glad to help him learn about it.

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