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Things to Do For Kids in Turin




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The Museum of Motoring in Turin offers a great place to learn more about the mechanics of automobiles. The museum also offers educational workshops and events for children. The museum has everything, from the 1911 Fiat Model 4 driven King Victor Emanuel III up to the Ferrari 312 T5 driven Gilles Villeneuve. You can also see cars featured in famous movies.

Things to Do For Kids in Turin

Museo Nazionale del Cinema

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema is a must-see for families traveling to Italy. This museum teaches children all about the history and industry of movies. It also features real posters, costumes, and props. Kids can even use a shadow theater to explore how movies were made.

Caffe Al Bicerin

Caffe Al Bicerin, one of Turin’s oldest cafes, is a great place for your children to enjoy a special treat. Originally opened in 1763, this cafe serves a unique blend of coffee, chocolate, and heavy cream. This alcoholic beverage is served in small handle-less glasses, called biccheri in Italian. You can choose to have it chilled or with whipped cream when you order it.

Valentino Park

There are many things for children to do in Turin. The National Museum is a great place to visit. This museum features exhibitions, workshops, and events for children and adults. Interactive exhibits make learning about the history and development of automobiles even more enjoyable.

Officine Grandi Riparazioni

Officine Grandi Riparazionis is a re-created industrial complex that was founded in the early 1900s to repair wagons and locomotives. The complex was closed in the 1990s, but it was reopened in 2017. It is now a centre for cultural activities and hosts a variety exhibitions. The building was also used as a temporary hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic. The exhibition is based upon a novel by Nanni balestroni and features thirteen artists’ works.

Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello, the Turin Children’s Museum, is a great place to start your exploration of Turin. Here you can find museums, playgrounds, and a beautiful lake. There’s also a museum dedicated to the city’s soccer team, Juventus. The museum is located in Piazza Castelello and offers tours of the stadium.

Guido Gobino

Chocolate is a major attraction in Turin, and Guido Gobino is one of the city’s contemporary chocolatiers. He creates ganache chocolates that look like tiles and the classic Gianduiotto. The city celebrates the delicious confectionery with a ten-day festival in November.

Venaria Reale Palace

La Venaria Reale is a beautiful palace complex in the city. It is filled with Baroque decoration and artwork. It is a testament to the beauty of Italian design. A cafe is also located in the palace. The entire complex can be toured in about two hours and there is a skip line option available. The palace is located in Piazza Castello and is within walking distance from Parco del Valentino.

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