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Things to Do For Kids in Sicily




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There are many things for children to do in Sicily. Here are just a few: Etna Donkey Trekking, a waterpark, puppet theatre, and beaches. You’ll want to plan ahead and look for places that offer activities that your children will enjoy.

Things to Do For Kids in Sicily

Etna Donkey Trekking

Taking your kids on Etna Donkey Trekking is a great way to discover this amazing mountain range. You’ll be able to enjoy stunning views from the summit of Etna while you’re trekking through it. If you’re up to the challenge, you can also ride a donkey.

Sicily has a rich history of donkeys. The animals have been used as a means to transport agricultural villagers for centuries. Today, Etna Donkey Trekking offers guided donkey tours through ancient woods and panoramic ridges. You can also learn about the history and uses of donkeys as well as how they have helped Sicilian communities.

Sicily’s puppet theater

The history of Sicily’s puppet theater for children is deep. The puppeteers often use stories from medieval epic chivalric literature, such as the Paladins of France. These shows are a favorite among children and parents alike. These shows are also a great way for children to learn about Sicilian culture.

Sicily’s puppet theatre is performed in a grand 19th-century building. Salvatore Bumbello, his daughter Martina, lead the show. The puppeteer is the star of the show, providing the puppets’ voices, synchronizing their movements with background music, and improvising dialogue.

Sicily’s waterpark

The waterpark for children in Sicily is a great outdoor destination for families with kids. The water park features a 20-storey tower and a 100-foot drop. Kamikaze and Twister slides are two other fun attractions. Families can also take in a show at the theatre. The park is located on the outskirts of Trapani, making it a great choice for day trips from the city.

The waterpark is close to the town of Cefalu, and guests staying in Carob Tree Cottage can take advantage of the waterpark’s picturesque location. Families with kids will love the waterpark’s attractions, and it’s great fun for children of all ages.

Sicily’s beaches

Sicily is a great place to travel with children. The island is home to beautiful beaches and fascinating ruins such as the Greek Theatre in Taormina or Mount Etna, an active volcano. Sicily offers something for everyone, whether you are looking to hike or take an organized tour. You can also enjoy Palermo’s nightlife and eat local food like arancini or seafood while on the island. If you are a theatre fan, you can catch a show in Teatro Massimo, the largest opera house of Italy.

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The island’s beaches are popular with families and include the famous Scala dei Turchi. This white rock cliff is made up of layers of marl which have receded. Its shape has changed over time, creating a giant staircase. Its name, Stairs of the Turks means “Stairs of the Turks”, refers to frequent raids of Arabian pirates. Two beaches are located on either side of the cliff. The first is more family-friendly and features plenty of loungers. The second beach, which is longer, is a more secluded beach.

Sicily’s archaeological sites

One of the most popular archaeological sites in Sicily is Selinunte, located on a plateau overlooking the sea. This site, which was home to a Greek colony 2,000 year ago, is one of Europe’s largest. It is divided into several sectors, and the area is bursting with fascinating history.

Families can take a guided walk in the archaeological park. This walk is intended to spark curiosity among children about ancient sites. Families can explore the Valley of the Temples and the ruins of the Greek colony of Akragas, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient Greek city is surrounded by impressive defensive walls and includes an ancient acropolis.

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