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Things to Do For Kids in Hidalgo, Texas




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You may be wondering where to take your children if you visit Hidalgo Texas. This article will highlight various attractions and activities for the young ones. It will also provide useful resources for parents and travelers. You will be surprised to find that the city has many places that you can explore with your kids.

Things to Do For Kids in Hidalgo


You’ve found the right place if you’re looking to find fun activities for children in Hidalgo Texas. The Hidalgo Youth Center offers free instructional classes year-round for kids. These classes are possible thanks to funding from the United Way of South Texas. Hidalgo’s park system offers many amenities for children to enjoy.

One of the coalition’s goals was to expand opportunities for physical activity in the community. Bicycle infrastructure was identified as a key component of improving access to exercise. To do this, they collaborated with community partners and governmental agencies to create bicycle-friendly business regulations and a Bicycle Friendly Business program. This plan was approved by the Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization in August 2018.


If you are planning a vacation to Hidalgo, you will be able to find several exciting attractions for kids. The archeological ruins at Tula, for example, are a must-see. The area is also full of old haciendas and natural hot springs. Besides these exciting attractions, the area is also home to friendly people and delicious cuisine.

Quinta Mazatlan is a historic adobe house that is a great spot to take your kids. It is located on a huge property with nature trails and is full of fun family events. Another great place to take the family is Schlitterbahn Water Park, which is located on South Padre Island. The wave pools and lazy river are great for kids. For something more educational, visit the Museum of South Texas History.

Activities for young kids

There are many activities available for children in Hidalgo county, Texas for families with young children. This southwestern Texas county borders the cities of San Luis Potosi and Veracruz to the north, and Puebla and Mexico to the south and west. The county is located on the Mesa Central, a high plateau in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains. Gymnastics and dance classes are available for young children. These classes will help your child grow in strength, flexibility, coordination, and other skills.

The collaborative effort between the coalitions was successful in expanding the access to physical activities in the county. The coalition worked with community members as well as governmental partners to identify bicycle infrastructure, which is key to increasing physical activity accessibility. By collaborating with local business owners and other community stakeholders, the coalition created the Bicycle Friendly Business program in Hidalgo County.


Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, is committed to improving the lives of children in her county. Many areas are lacking basic resources for children, such as childcare and education. She has started a new initiative to address the shortage. Her plan includes investing millions in early childhood education. Although the plan is yet to be approved by county commissioners, it could help many parents who struggle to find affordable childcare for their kids. It can be difficult for parents to trust providers when childcare costs are so high.

The Head Start program in Hidalgo County dates back to 1985. This program involves parents, staff, community partners, and other stakeholders to provide comprehensive child development services and nutrition services. This program also provides free nutritional meals to children funded by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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