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Boston is a great place to visit with kids and there are a number of family-friendly events throughout the year. There are also numerous parks, museums, and aquariums to visit with kids. Many of these places are free and great places to spend a day together. Here are a few ideas for activities that will make your visit to Boston a memorable one for the whole family.

Family-friendly events are free

Boston is home to a variety of free family-friendly events that are fun for the whole family. The ICA Boston hosts monthly family-friendly events, including hands-on art-making, films, and interaction with contemporary artists. Some of these events are free, but others may require a paid museum admission. Boston residents can use their GoBoston discount cards to get free admission to these events. Charles Playhouse is also available for free admission. This venue has been a family favourite for decades.

The Boston Conservancy also hosts free Friday movies on the Boston Esplanade. Popular family movies include Star Wars and Kung Fu Panda. There are also several statues in Boston that are perfect for kids. The bronze statues of Mrs. Mallard are inspired by the classic Robert McCloskey book, “Make Way for Ducklings.” Nancy Schon created these child-sized statues of Mrs. Mallard.

The Boston Children’s Museum also offers free activities for children. The museum hosts a variety of hands on exhibits and seasonal events. Boston Public Library cardholders can even save money on admission tickets. The museum offers free admission to children on Friday nights. This is a great way for families to spend the night exploring the city with their children.

Many museums in Boston are free for children. The Museum of Fine Arts is one of Boston’s most popular attractions. It houses works by Raphael, Aristotle and Michelangelo. It offers tours for free and a variety of programs for families. In addition, there is a Saturday drop-in art event that allows children to get creative.

Boston has many parks that are great for children, in addition to the MFA. Castle Island is a historic location and offers a huge playground. The MFA is one of the oldest museums in the country and houses an Impressionist art collection as well as an Asian art collection.

Family-friendly events include skating at the DCR Steriti memorial Rink in Boston, which is a public icerink in the North End. The Boston Bowl has an arcade, batting cages and kid-friendly food. You can also visit an art studio if you are looking for something more creative.


Museums in Boston are a great place to get your children involved in the history and arts of the city. There are many options for children of all ages, and many offer activities to keep their attention. Some museums have dedicated sections for younger children, and others offer daily activities for parents and kids. Some museums even offer family days.

Boston Children’s Museum: This museum features interactive exhibits as well as hands-on activities. The museum features over two dozen galleries that will keep kids busy for hours. There are galleries that focus on water play, sound, math. Kids will love exploring the museum’s many displays, and the GoBoston discount card is a great way to save money.

Boston Fire Museum: This museum is great for kids who want to become firefighters. Boston is home to one of the most historic fire departments in the nation. Another fun place to visit is the Museum of Science. You can also check out the Butterfly Garden, which features exotic plants and colorful butterflies.

Museum of Natural History: Another family-friendly option. It has 50,000 different items on display and offers a sensory-friendly environment. Interactive exhibits include an Explore a Saurus section and a bubble area. PlaySpace, the museum’s second floor play area, is also available. This play area is open to the public, but reservations are required.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: The museum commemorates the life of Boston’s favorite son. Jacqueline Kennedy designed the building after JFK’s passing. It is a striking modern monument. The museum’s galleries and exhibits will be enjoyed by visitors. The museum’s grounds also contain never-before-seen art from the acclaimed author.


There are a number of parks for kids in Boston, Massachusetts, which are great for families with young children. Residents love the Esplanade. This park has an impressive climbing structure in the shape of an enormous spider web, two long slides, and a variety of swings. In winter, kids can sled or ride two disc rides. Fallon Field is a great place to play active. This park is a favorite among the locals, and has a large slide and a large playground with swings. The Park also has a basketball blacktop as well as a climbing structure.

Playgrounds for kids in Boston are plentiful, and many include jungle gyms and climbing structures. Many are also equipped with sandboxes and swings. These play areas are safe for all ages and abilities. Some parks are gated so parents can keep an eye on their children, while others are open to the public.

Fort Independence Recreation Area, located in South Boston, is part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. This park has two hiking trails: the Castle Island Loop and the Pleasure Bay Loop. Both trails offer spectacular views. There is also a playground and picnic tables available for families. Families with young children will love the Fort.

Boston’s public beaches offer great outdoor play options. For example, Carson Beach offers a three-mile stretch on its beach. Although the waves aren’t great for swimming, it’s a great spot for shell hunting, beach volleyball, and walking in the surf. There is also a playground with a zipline.

North End Park is another great park in the city. This man-made beach has several amenities, including a snack stand and a large playground. It is also wheelchair-accessible. There are also nearby bathrooms. Another popular playground is Martin’s Park, which is located next to the Children’s Museum.

Another great option is Mayor Thomas M. Menino Park. This park features a sculpture of a giant marooned ship and is a great place to learn about history. The park also has several climbing structures, including realistic rocks and a splash pad.


The New England Aquarium is a Boston public aquarium. It houses the Simons Theatre as well as New England Aquarium Whale Watch. These are open from April to November. Families with kids will love seeing the ocean creatures up close. There are also many exhibits for adults, too. The New England Aquarium is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

The Boston Aquarium features a four-story tank filled with hundreds of aquatic animals, including bright-green moray eels that hide in rocks and coral. Myrtle, a world-famous turtle, is also found in the aquarium. The Aquarium also has three species of penguins, including the tiny blue penguin.

The aquarium is located at the Central Wharf in Boston. The Wharf is also home to several restaurants and boating charters. The aquarium is packed on weekends, so it’s best to visit during the week. Because of the structure, visitors can easily access the different exhibits. For the younger set, the Science of Sharks exhibit is a must-see. The Shark and Ray Touch Tank is a great place for children to get close to sharks.

The Aquarium has its own subway stop on the Blue Line. Parking at the Aquarium is inexpensive and convenient. Garages offer discounted parking rates. The Aquarium is also accessible by boat from other cities. You can also use the Boston subway system to get around the city. Take advantage of the Aquarium’s free stroller inspection if you are driving to the Aquarium.

The Boston Museum of Science, a world-class science museum, is well worth a visit. It features 700 interactive exhibits that are engaging for children. To make its exhibits more engaging and interesting, the museum draws on MIT’s historical collections. Popular exhibits include the history of science and technology, the largest collection of holographs in the world, and an archive of maritime tech from the 16th century. Another must-see is the Hayden Planetarium, where kids can experience the wonders of space in a state-of-the-art projector.

The Aquarium also houses the largest ocean tank in the world. To see the water below, visitors can walk to the top of the aquarium. Since 1970, the Aquarium has been home to the Sea Turtle Myrtle.

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