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If you’re in Los Angeles for a family vacation, here are some ideas to keep the kids occupied. There are many art museums and IMAX Theaters available. There are also immersive sets available and photo opportunities that are larger than life. The Travel Town Museum is a great option for families with younger children.

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Travel Town Museum

For children with an interest in trains, the Travel Town Museum is a must-visit stop. This museum opened in 1952 and was the brainchild of a former employee of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks. Its mission is education about trains and their history. It is a free, family-friendly attraction that features dozens of old time railroad locomotives.

The Travel Town Museum offers many family-friendly activities, including a miniature train ride. There are also special events throughout the year like engineer playdays. Families can even take a pony ride. The complex also houses the Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles Zoo, and Autry Museum.

A group of rail enthusiasts founded the Travel Town Museum to preserve and celebrate the history of railroads in America’s western states. The museum has dozens of railroad vehicles including sleeping cars as well as San Francisco cable cars. Kids can also tour the museum’s narrow-gauge railroad and ride miniature trains.

The Travel Town Museum is among the best things to do for kids in Los Angeles. This free museum has a unique collection of historic rail cars, and you can even hop on a ride-along train that takes you around the perimeter. The museum also has picnic areas, and there are many train-themed birthday parties that are sure to please the little ones.

Los Angeles art museum

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art offers free admission for children and adults, and offers a wide variety of kid-friendly activities. There are interactive exhibits and giant sculptures hanging from the ceiling, as well as storytime for children. Los Angeles County Museum of Art offers a wonderful way to explore the city’s rich art history.

There is also a museum devoted to death. The museum’s exhibits focus on death, prejudice, happiness, and making people happy to live. You can see antique funeral memorabilia, coroner instruments, and even crime scene photographs. The museum also offers a scavenger hunt, where you can find antique funeral memorabilia, coroner instruments, and crime scene photographs. Children can also try pedal boats and swanboats.

Los Angeles Natural History Museum is another museum kids will love. The museum contains over 350 specimens, and it is free to visit. Children can explore the interactive laboratory. This is a great place for children to begin an educational day. This museum has a wide range of exhibits, including prehistoric animals and the T. Rex Growth Series.

The Hollywood Sign is a famous landmark in Los Angeles. It is difficult to miss and makes for a great family outing. You should bring your workout clothes because the sun can be very hot in summer.

Los Angeles art museum for families

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is a free museum for families in downtown LA. The museum is popular with budding fashionistas and kids who love movies. It hosts the Oscar Exhibit every Tuesday through Saturday. Families can also visit the exhibition to learn more about the fashion industry.

UCLA’s Fowler Museum is another great museum for families. Fowler Family is a program that engages children of all ages with the wonders and beauty of art. It offers interactive activities and art pieces that are family-friendly. For example, children can join a drawing workshop or participate in an artistic version of Mad Libs.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MOCA) has a bilingual family guide available for families. The guide contains art-making and writing activities that are inspired by artworks in the museum’s permanent collections. MOCA offers online workshops and activities that can be used to help families explore the museum together, even if they are unable to visit it in person.

The Getty Center is another great Los Angeles art museum. The museum is located in Santa Monica Mountains with stunning views of the city. The museum also features a beautiful garden that looks almost like a home to fairies. The Getty Center also features a bed that’s similar to one of the aristocratic beds in France, complete with 70 peepholes.

Los Angeles IMAX Theater

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History houses an IMAX theater that displays films about scientific discoveries, journeys, natural disasters, and other topics. The current three-D films playing in the theater include Amazon Adventure, Hurricane, and Mysteries of Egypt. The next three-D film will be released on Mar 24.

You can always bring your children along to the cinema and get them raffle tickets and popcorn. The cinema also has an indoor playground and shows PG-rated movies. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids without worrying. The movie theater is open every day. It’s a great way for your children to bond while you enjoy an evening out.

The IMAX Theater is a wonderful way to introduce children to the wonders of movies. It has over 1,000 seats and a Dolby sound system that is state-of the-art. This is a great place for a family afternoon.

The California Science Center is another great place to take your kids. There are many interactive exhibits that will keep your kids busy, and many of them encourage you to ask questions. IMAX movies are also a great way to get your kids interested in science.

Los Angeles zoo

If you are looking for something different to do with your kids, the Los Angeles Zoo offers many options. For example, you can take the Zoo tram, which takes visitors from one end of the park to the other. It has six stops and 64 hand-carved wooden figures. It is located near the Treetops Terrace and is accessible to all abilities.

There are many walking paths that go around the Los Angeles Zoo. However, you may find it more convenient to take a shuttle, which will take you around the zoo for a small fee. You can also purchase a family membership to the zoo which will save you lots of money. The zoo also offers a play area for children, where they can have fun and run around.

You can also visit the LAIR exhibit, which contains snakes, tarantulas, and other venomous animals. This exhibit is great for school field trips or birthday parties. The exhibit offers many experiences for children, including close encounters and puppet shows, free ice-cream, and backstage tours.

The Los Angeles Zoo has an impressive bird collection. The Japanese Mountain Hawk Eagle, which was given to the Los Angeles Zoo by the Nagoya Zoo, is a highlight of its collection. The zoo was also responsible for reintroducing the California condor, one of California’s most endangered species. The entrance to the zoo houses a Condor Education Center.

Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park has over 8,000 acres of scenic scenery. Explore the beautiful canyon views and creekside pools by biking or hiking. It has been a popular location for TV and movies. The 8,000-acre park also has a large volcanic swimming hole.

There are hiking trails that run along the creek to the Pacific Ocean. It is home to a number of different wildlife, including mountain lions, mule deer, golden eagles, and southern steelhead. The park offers many hiking trails that allow families to enjoy stunning views of the nearby mountains.

The park is a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban Los Angeles. The park is a 30-minute drive from the city center. Many Hollywood films were shot in the park, including Tarzan Escapes and Annie Laurie. The sound era began in 1936, and Blockade was produced in 1938.

There are many outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy for free. You can take part in stargazing, hiking with rangers, and a campfire during the summer. Programs are led by experts in the area. You can also get some quality education about the local wildlife and enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending some quality time with your family.

The trails in Malibu Creek State Park can be accessed easily and are well-marked. Most of the trails are graded for easy hiking, although there are more challenging ones. These trails are best for experienced hikers.

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