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Things to Do For Kids in Mazatlan




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You have reached the right place if you are looking for things to do with kids in Mazatlan. Mazatlan has many attractions that will keep your kids entertained for hours. From the city’s famous Malecon to the aquarium and the Isla de Venados, Mazatlan has something for everyone.

Things to Do For Kids in Mazatlan

Isla de Venados

Isla de Venados is an Ecological Reserve located in the middle of Mazatlan’s Tres Islas. This rocky isle is accessible by boat, jet ski, or sailboat. It has an incredibly picture-perfect beach that is totally deserted. There are no people or other facilities on the island, so you can just enjoy the views. Kids will love the pristine surroundings, which include coconut trees, stingrays, and more.

Playa las Gaviotas

Playa las Gaviotaas is a great beach for families with children. Literally translated as “Seagull Beach,” this beach is a favorite among families and kids alike, thanks to the friendly atmosphere, low waves, and endless fun activities for families. It’s located off Old Mazatlan, near the end of the Malecon.

Mazatlan’s Malecon

There are a variety of things to do for kids in Mazatlan’ s Malecon. You can stroll or jog on this wide, tree-lined walkway that passes by many historic buildings, sculptures, hotels, and restaurants. Street vendors sell souvenirs. A stroll in the historic Plaza Machado is a great option. It contains many charming 19th-century buildings. Local musicians often perform near the wrought-iron gazebo that adorns the park’s centre square.

Mazatlan’s Aquarium

If your kids are interested in the ocean, the Mazatlan Aquarium is a great place to introduce them to this wonderful part of the world. The 52 aquarium tanks are home to over 250 freshwater and saltedwater species. They will delight the whole family. The animals include crocodiles, air-breathing Mudskippers and piranha. The aquarium also has an animal hospital and a Stranded Sea Turtle and Marine Mammal Program that helps rehabilitate injured marine animals.

Diego’s Beach House

For families with children, Diego’s Beach House is a fun spot for beach fun. It offers breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the beach. The beach is perfect for beachside play and the kids’ menu includes delicious grilled chicken and fish.

Mazatlan’s best places to rent bikes

There are a variety of places to rent bikes for kids in Mazatlan. Beach cruiser bikes are a classic, and mountain bikes are a great choice for the experienced rider. Tandem bikes are also available, which can be great fun for the whole family.

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