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Things to Do For Kids in Bali




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There are many things you can do with kids in Bali. Here are some suggestions. These activities are ideal for the whole family. Waterbomb Bali, Sprout Cafe, Pirates Bay and Parklife are just a few suggestions. You should check them all! There is something for everyone in Bali.

Things to Do For Kids in Bali

Waterbomb Bali

If your kids love water, they’ll love Bali Waterbom, a waterpark in the centre of Kuta. With the world’s longest waterslide and 70km per hour rides, this waterpark is great for the whole family. The water park also features a wet play area for little ones.

Sprout Cafe

The Sprout Cafe in Bali caters to children and offers nutritious, healthy meals. It is also one of few indoor cafes that offers a play area for children. A nice bonus is that it’s open to both adults and children.


If you’re looking for a Bali kids club that’s open seven days a week, Parklife is an excellent choice. Parklife’s green, shaded space encourages active play by the whole family. It has a large jumping pillow as well as structured play equipment. You can even join the breakfast club tribe or “beers and bonds” sessions.

Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua is a fantastic location for kids who are looking for some adventure. This popular beachfront attraction offers an array of activities including a flying fox, ropewalks, and swinging bridges. Open tents and hanging chairs are just a few of the many calming spaces that guests can use to unwind. Candlelit dinners can also be arranged.

Finns Recreation Club

Finns Recreation Club is an all-age entertainment facility located in Canggu, Bali. It has everything you need, from swimming pools to tennis courts to leisure and sports facilities for all ages. This is a great place to take the kids on their vacations, as it is not far from Seminyak.

Pondok Pekak Library

The Pondok Pekak Library has many activities for kids who love arts and crafts. The library offers classes in carving and painting, as well as classes in the local language and Balinese dance. Kids can also make their own necklaces and earrings. Some activities don’t require any experience. The library has all the materials necessary.

Capoeira classes

Capoeira is a fun way to exercise and explore your children’s artistic abilities. This martial art combines music and rhythm and is designed for children aged four to 16. Kids can explore a variety of aspects of Afro-Brazilian culture, from the physical aspects to the history of the country. Capoeira is a great way to improve motor skills and coordination. Capoeira is a great foundation for other activities and helps children build self-confidence.

Beach clubs

The fun activities and beach clubs in Bali will be a hit with kids. Flamingo Beach Club is Bali’s first family-friendly club, occupying 1500 metres of the beach. Featuring a swimming pool and a children’s section, this club is the perfect place for families to spend the day. The beach club offers delicious food and drinks. Children will love the activities.

Water parks

For children, water parks in Bali can be educational and fun. There are many slides and activities for children at Bali’s water parks. You can also take a swim, go on a water adventure, or participate in yoga or airsoft shooting.

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