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Things to Do For Kids in Barcelona




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Barcelona has many activities for children. You may prefer quieter areas if you want to keep your kids on track. The city is home to many famous attractions, including the work of Gaudi, who is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. You will love the Camp Nou full access tours, which are a must-see for football fans. You can also take your kids to the Barcelona Zoo or the Magic Fountain.

Port Aventura Park

Among the things to do for kids in Barcelona is visiting the famous port. It’s a great place to spend the day and offers fun rides for all ages. It also has a cathedral that evokes the olden days. You can also take a group tour or ride the rides together.

The park is also home to more than 40 rides, a water park, golf courses, a convention center, and stores. The park is divided into six different zones and features rides and shows based on themes. Throughout their visit, visitors can enjoy colorful shows.

Miniature Catalonia Park

The miniature models of Catalonia, the rest the peninsula and the Balearic Islands are featured in this Barcelona theme park. Each model is one-half to one-third scale and made of wood. There is also a playground and a picnic area. Children can also enjoy a train ride through the park.

In addition to the miniature buildings and structures, Miniature Catalonia is home to 48 small works of art and sculptures. These works of art represent the most important and famous monuments and buildings in the region. This park is perfect for those who want to get a quick glimpse of Catalonia in a short amount of time. Its unique scale allows visitors to enjoy the sights of Barcelona without spending a fortune.

Flamenco show

One of the best things to do while you’re in Barcelona is see a Flamenco show. Flamenco is a traditional dance that features fast beats, finger-snapping and guitar playing. It’s very entertaining and has been part of Spanish culture since 18th century. In recent years, the practice has spread to other parts of Europe. In fact, flamenco has been tagged by UNESCO as one of the world’s intangible cultural displays.

You can see a Flamenco show in Barcelona at several venues. The first venue is Tablao Flamenco, which is considered a leader in the art form. The show is held in a cave-like venue and is presented in an authentic setting. Los Juanele is another great venue for Flamenco shows. It also offers workshops and lessons.

Aquarium of Barcelona

The Aquarium of Barcelona is a top attraction for families with young children. You can visit this attraction during the day or in the evenings. It is free for kids under 12 years old. You can purchase tickets online for discounted prices. You can also find ice bars where to get a refreshing drink. The museum is located on the second floor, and there are steps to climb to get to it.

Children of all ages will enjoy the Aquarium of Barcelona. Located at the Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, this aquarium was founded in 1995 and is home to over 11,000 marine animals. It also has 450 different species, making it ideal for family visits.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic

For kids who love to play and have a good time, the Magic Fountain of Montjuc is a great place to visit in Barcelona. This fountain is located at the top of the Avinguda Mari Cristina and sits below the Palau Nacional on Montjuc’s mountain. It’s also close to the Placa d’Espanya and Poble Espanyol de Barcelona.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic is 65 metres wide and features a hydraulic motor that releases 2,600 litres of water per second. It was completed in the mid-eighties and is considered one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The fountain is open to children during the day and at night.

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