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Camping on a beach can be a wonderful experience. The beaches are often pristine, beautiful places, and camping next to the water is lovely.

Being next to the water can also be tricky, however. Beaches are usually lower levels than the shoreline, which means if there is a big wave or storm, the water will come in further than expected.

This can lead to ruined equipment and wet things, so careful camp placement is important. Also, sand does not hold heavy objects well, so a solid ground tent platform is needed!

Camping on a beach requires some different gear and tips than normal camping does.

Bring plenty of sunscreen

how to camp on a beach

This may seem like a no-brainer, but too many people do not apply enough sunscreen or re-apply it often enough. Sunscreen runs out quickly in the campground, so bring some from home too!

Not only does your skin need protection, but your tent and gear do as well. If you do not cover your gear in sunscreen, it will become damaged.

In addition to spraying your tent with it, you can also brush sand off of your gear before letting it dry. This helps prevent sand from getting into places it shouldn’t.

A lot of people have issues with sweat causing a bad smell, so be sure to use deodorant as well! It will help keep you feeling fresh while camping in the hot summer heat.

Finally, avoid wearing heavy perfumes or fragrances as this may draw in insects. Only use what is necessary to keep you smelling good.

Bring an umbrella

If you want to camp on the beach but worry about protection from the sun, an umbrella is a great solution. They are also great in case of rain!

Umbrellas are available in many colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your personality. Plus, they are very affordable, so it is not hard to add one to your beach camping kit.

You can find umbrellas at local stores or online, and most have reviews which can help you find a quality one. Most umbrellas will fit in a small bag or container, making it easy to transport along with your other camping gear.

If you are camping on a sand beach, then laying out some towels under the umbrella will provide a bit of protection from the sand. You can also use plastic bags as protective layers between the towel and the sand.

Bring lots of towels

how to camp on a beach

When camping on a beach, you will need to bring lots of towels to dry off with after getting out of the water. You will also need one to lay on while sitting in the sand.

Even if you have a tent, you will need a dry place to sit and relax. Plus, you will need a towel to sleep on instead of the provided tent mattress.

Camping mats are an easy way to solve this problem, as they double as both a tent floor and a plush sitting area. Of course, any sort of mat or beach towel will work as well!

Last but not least, you will want a towel to wrap up in after getting out of the water. A wet bathing suit can be uncomfortable when camping in warm weather, so having a cozy wrap-up is important.

Pack sand shoes

how to camp on a beach

Although beaches are beautiful, they can be difficult to camp on. Sand is very soft and flows constantly as waves crash onto the beach.

If you try to set up a tent on the beach, the sand will flow underneath it and collapse the structure. You would have to continuously rebuild the tent every time a wave comes in to avoid that.

If you choose to camp on a nearby dune instead, your tent could be blown down by strong winds as they are not secured in any way. Sand is also very heavy, making it difficult to walk on or dig through.

Sand shoes will help you navigate the beach and dunes easily while keeping your feet warm. You can also use them to protect your regular shoes if you spot a hole in your tent caused by sand!

Make sure to buy good quality sand shoes so they do not leak water in.

Pack a kite

how to camp on a beach

Camping on a beach means you have to camp right next to the water. That can be tricky depending on the water depth and terrain.

Many beaches are flat, so if you camp at a high tide, your tent will be flooded! At low tide, it may be difficult to set up a tent as there may not be enough sand to put stakes in.

If you are camping at high tide, bring some waterproof bags to put your belongings in in case of a flood. At low tide, bring extra towels to lay on as the ground may be hard and rocky.

A great piece of gear to have is a kite. If you get enough wind, you can pull up your tent and move it to a safer place! You can then re-attach the kite strings and fly it around for some fun outdoors activity.

Bring a volleyball net

how to camp on a beach

While beaches are beautiful, they can be boring places to spend time. If you have a volleyball net, you can play games on the sand while waiting for the tide to go out.

This is a great way to spend time with your friends, get some exercise, and have fun. You will need some sturdy sticks to put up the net, and then you are ready to play!

Beach volleyball is a popular game so you may run into other players. If you are not too good at volleyball, do not worry! Everyone is on an even playing field in the sand.

There are two main things to watch out for: one, do not drop the ball in the water or it will become a very expensive sponge; and two, do not jump too high or you may end up in the water.

Plan activities for when you are stuck in your camp site

how to camp on a beach

Even if you are able to access the beach, there may be times when the beach is too crowded or people are not comfortable with the water level.

Camping on a beach can be fun, but you have to be careful. Sand can get very hot, and if you are camping in a tent, it may not protect you from the heat.

You can still have fun even if you cannot go to the beach. Bring some board games or play some music off your phone to entertain yourself and your camp mates.

There are many things you can do even if you are restricted to your camp site due to rain or other hazards. You can still have a good time playing games, listening to music, and eating good food!

Camping is about relaxing and having a good time with friends and family.

Bring radios or speakers for music

how to camp on a beach

While camping on a beach, bringing music is a great way to add some fun to your camp. You can bring just a radio and switch between stations or have your own music.

Music makes the work go faster, and you will have fun playing music on the beach as the sun goes down. At night, it will keep you from getting too quiet or lonely.

Night music is especially important if you are camping during the full moon. The music will make the night seem less dark and spooky!

Camping Music Tips: Bring CDs instead of downloading songs onto a device- since phones may not work in certain conditions, it’s best to have physical copies of things.

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