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Pooping outside camping is something every camper has to deal with at some point. Unlike in a house or apartment, toilets are not everywhere outside.

Toilet paper is not as easy to come by in nature, so you have to be careful about how you wipe. Plus, nature does not provide us with toilet paper, so what do we do?

Luckily, we can make our own portable toilet using a Ziploc bag! This article will teach you how to poop outside camping in the safest, most natural way possible.

Whether you are in a tent, RV, or sleeping under the stars, this article is for you. It does not matter if you are a novice camper or have been out there for years- everyone has to go at some point! Read this article and be prepared.

Pooping outside is something all campers should be prepared for. This article will tell you all you need to know about going outdoors.

Find a good spot

how to poop outside camping

Pooping in the woods is not as easy as it sounds. Pooping in the woods can be very difficult, especially for new campers.

Many people are too nervous to go into the woods to find a good spot to poop. Unfortunately, this can lead to constipation and/or diarrhea when camping.

It is important to know where to go in the woods so you do not get lost or have an accident. Luckily for you, we are going to tell you how to poop outside camping!

First of all, make sure you have enough time to go in order to avoid rushing or hesitancy. Then, find a clear, open space that is away from trails and other places where someone could walk by and see you.

Make sure the ground is dry and firm so that you do not have a leak. Finally, keep an eye out for any animals and check your surroundings before disrobing.

Bring toilet paper

how to poop outside camping

While this may seem obvious, many forget the essential toilet paper when going camping. While you can use leaves or sand to scrub your business, it is not as effective as TP!

Toilet paper can be very expensive depending on where you buy it, so it is best to bring your own from home. Or if you are a really prepared camper, you could make your own out of tree bark!

Aside from being a useful item, carrying toilet paper in a ziplock bag keeps it clean and dry- an important quality when camping.

If you are running low, do not go out and buy more- try to reuse what you have or use something similar at camp. Toilet paper does not work well for other purposes, so do not try to recycle it!

General tips: Bring two rolls minimum per person; keep one in the car for emergencies; one roll lasts one person two weekends.

Find a container

how to poop outside camping

Luckily, you will probably have a bag with you to put your poop in. You can use any bag, but make sure it is a sturdy bag so it can handle being handled poo in it.

Make sure the bag is not too large or too small as well. A big bag may cause the poo to spill out and be messy when you transfer it somewhere else. A small bag may not hold all of the poo properly.

Some people use garbage bags instead of luggage bags for outdoor pooping.

Bring hand sanitizer

how to poop outside camping

Even if you wash your hands thoroughly, bacteria persists on our hands. Since bathrooms are not as readily available in the outdoors, it is best to be prepared with hand sanitizer.

This comes in handy when you must go outside of the camp to use the bathroom. Since there is no water to wash your hands, a bottle of hand sanitizer will ensure your hands are cleaned.

It is also good to have in case you need to treat a wound or someone else’s wound. Given that you do not want to get any bacteria into a wound, hand sanitizer is a safe way to disinfect your hands.

Given its versatility, it is best to have a bottle on you whenever you go out camping.

Wash your hands properly

how to poop outside camping

Even if you do not have access to running water and need to use a combination of lake water, bathwater, or wet wipes, you can still wash your hands properly.

Wet a towel in hot water or use a portable heater to warm up lake water, then dry your hands. Add some soap and rub both of your hands together until they are soaped up.

Then rinse your hands with the hot water or lake water until they are completely free of soap. Dry your hands using a towel or paper towels. You can now say you’re clean!

If you do not have access to paper towels, use leaves or sand to dry your hands. Once dried, check that your hands are totally smooth and free of bumps.

Be careful not to slip or fall

how to poop outside camping

While this may seem like an obvious point, it is important to stress that being careful not to slip or fall as you approach or leave your squatting position is crucial.

Getting dirt or grass on your hands, arms, or knees is also a possibility. This would make cleaning up before entering your tent or the bathroom area even more difficult.

Furthermore, if you were to fall in the process, you could hurt yourself pretty badly. You would then have to spend more time cleaning yourself and your surroundings up- not a good thing when you’re camping!

If it is wet outside, be very careful when leaving your squatting position. Try to step on dry ground or grass when getting up so that you do not slip on the wet ground.

Tell someone where you are going

how to poop outside camping

Pooping in the woods is a serious matter and requires serious precautions. You should always tell someone where you are going and how long you will be gone for.

This way, if you do not return within a reasonable time period, they can notify authorities. Authorities can then help you find your location or help you clean up if there is an issue.

It also prevents someone from following you to your destination which could lead to serious problems. People can become very territorial and paranoid when outside so this is a safety measure that is worth it.

Some people may laugh at this advice, but it is better to be laughed at than to be in trouble or injured due to the above circumstances. Be proud of taking care of business!

When camping, most people only use one toilet tent for everyone in the group so there is a possibility someone else will come across your business. It is best to spread out your tent area and set-up so that none of your poop spills over onto someone else’s area.

Come back when you feel the urge to poop

how to poop outside camping

Once you’ve established a pooping location, the hardest part is waiting until you feel the urge to poop. Once you do, it will be hard to return to your camping spot!

Once you feel the need to poop, return to your designated area and try to relax. Keep in mind that camping toilets aren’t as comfortable as your home toilet, so try not to stress yourself out too much.

Keeping calm will help prevent sudden urges to rush back to your tent!

While it may seem silly, taking some time to read about how to poop outside camping is a good idea. You might pick up some tips on how to make yourself more comfortable while doing so!

Camping toilets are not as spacious as indoor toilets, so trying to relax and push can be harder.

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