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If the weather is bad, the Orange County Regional History Center is one of the best indoor activities for kids in Orlando. There are four floors of exhibits that cover 12,000 years of Central Florida history. There are four cool escape activities that kids can enjoy in addition to the shows. These activities are a great way for kids to spend their day indoors while still finding plenty of things to do.

Wonder Works Is an Upside-Down Museum

If you want to take your kids on a crazy ride, consider the WonderWorks upside-down museum in Orlando. This museum features 100 hands-on science exhibits and a 6-D motion ride. There are also laser tag and ropes courses. It’s a blast for kids and parents alike.

The unusual location of this museum in an upside-down house makes it unique. It was once used as a Bermuda Triangle study center. However, it was accidentally dragged into America and turned upside down. There are more than 100 interactive exhibits in the museum, including the famous inversion tunnel, which allows guests to experience being upside-down for themselves.

The popular attraction for children is the upside-down house. Located on International Drive, it’s a fun way for kids to spend an afternoon with their families. It’s also close to Orlando’s famous outlet shopping malls. The museum hosts live performances and shows in the summer.

Visitors can also experience a virtual submarine adventure in the underwater section of the museum. The Illusion Art Gallery displays amazing works of art. There is also an indoor ropes course and a 4D theater with changing shows. The nightly Outta Control Magic Show offers interactive entertainment for the whole family.

A fun way to end the day at WonderWorks is to take your children on a guided adventure. They can get a souvenir adventure book containing clues, questions, and even coupons for the WonderWorks Cafe and Gift Shop. The museum is open every day, from 9am to midnight.

LEGOLAND Is a Multi-Day Tourist Destination

LEGOLAND Florida is a multi-day vacation destination for kids aged two to twelve. The park covers 150 acres and features more than 50 rides and shows. The park’s attractions can be divided into different themed lands. These include MINILAND USA, DUPLO Valley, Fun Town, and Heartlake City. In addition, the resort includes a water park.

The water park is separate and tickets can be purchased. It features 14 slides and a lazy stream. The kids will enjoy cooling off in the water park while collecting Minifigures from the park’s employees. Brick-themed merchandise is also available at the park, including Lego building sets.

The LEGOLAND Florida Resort is an interactive theme park that spans 150 acres in Central Florida. It boasts over 50 rides and attractions, a botanical garden, and a water park. It also has a LEGOLAND Hotel, which is just steps away from the park entrance. The hotel has 83 themed bungalows and 166 separate accommodations.

Annual passes to LEGOLAND Florida are available for visitors who wish to visit more than once per year. Annual passes can be used to save money on admission tickets and purchases within the parks. Florida residents can also get discounts by booking tickets in advance. These special offers are often as low as $99 per person and require two visits.

Skeletons Is an Indoor Sport

If you’re traveling with kids and want an indoor activity for them, head to the Skeleton Museum. This museum has over 40 exhibits on the skeletal system and hundreds of real skeletons. It is one of two such museums in the nation (the other is in Oklahoma City). It’s also very convenient to hotels in Orlando.

This museum is excellent for kids of all ages. There are interactive exhibits, an indoor playground, and 450 real skeletons! The museum also features a Florida section and wax figures. It’s a fascinating experience for families with children. Parking is available nearby, and the museum is free.

Dinosaur World Is a Rite of Passage

The park is home to massive animatronic dinosaurs and dragons that span more than 60 feet. Visitors can also play the game You Bet Jurassic ™, or take DNA tests. A special interactive exhibit shows how dinosaurs lived in the same environment as people. There’s even an egg-laying Velociraptor!

If you are looking for fresh air and interactive education, a trip to Dinosaur World would be a great family outing. You won’t even know what your kids are learning! Many interactive activities will keep your kids’ attention and keep them entertained.

The park is a 45-minute drive from the Disney Parks and Tampa. Driving from central Orlando is easy, and most of the trip is on the I-4 highway. Take exit 17 and follow it to Harvey Tew Road, which takes you to Dinosaur World.

Jurassic Park Kids’ Suites are a great choice for kids who love dinosaurs. They are themed to the popular Jurassic Park films. A must-see is the T-REX Cafe, which is a dinosaur-themed cafe that is family-friendly. The park also features simulated meteor showers. To see the park’s natural wonders, kids can take a scenic boat cruise.

Universal Orlando Is a Popular Destination for Families

Universal Orlando is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a fun place to take your children. Its kid-friendly theme parks will have all your family’s favorite characters and thrill rides. It also offers a child swap program, making it more affordable for families under three to go on a family vacation.

Parking at Universal Orlando is organized and easy to find. You can also use public transportation to get to the same place as the theme parks. You will also be within easy reach of security checks. You might want to consider using Prime parking if you have a large group. These parking lots are closer to the park entrance and are ideal for families with kids. A separate area is available for guests with disabilities.

There are several restaurants at Universal Orlando that offer delicious meals. One of the best places to get seafood at the theme park is Fisherman’s Wharf. Islands Of Adventure is another family favorite, featuring immersive experiences and incredible rides. Visitors can visit Jurassic Park, Hogsmeade Village, and Marvel Super Hero Island. There’s also the Wizarding World Roller Coaster, which has animatronics and surprises for all ages.

To avoid crowds, it is best to visit Universal Orlando during the off-peak seasons (January-February). The weather is mild during these months, and hotel rates are cheaper. Mardi Gras is a festive time to visit Universal Studios Orlando. It runs from early February through mid April.

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive Is a Must Do

The Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive is a great place to see Florida’s wildlife up close. You can see alligators, bobcats, snakes, frogs and butterflies. An audio tour is a great way to learn more about the animals you will see. You will find several audio guide posts throughout the drive.

The drive and Lake Apopka North Shore are free to enjoy, but donations are appreciated to help keep up the grounds. You can donate online to help keep the wildlife reserve clean and safe, and help with the cost of visitor maps and brochures.

It takes approximately two hours to complete the drive, and eleven points of interest are along it. It’s also a one-way, narrow drive, so you’ll have to drive slowly. The drive is part of the north shore of Lake Apopka, and it offers some stunning views. You can also opt for an audio tour to enjoy the sights.

The drive also features a historic pumphouse, which was once used for farming. The Pumphouse has high windows and a nice view of Lake Apopka.

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