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Camping is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. There are many places to go camping including in the woods, by an ocean, or in the desert. Regardless of where you choose to camp, it is important that you are familiar with the specific skills required for survival in the outdoors!

Some of the most important skills to know about for survival camping are those related to water and sanitation. For example, having access to a clean source of drinking water and a place to dispose of waste is crucial. Similarly, having access to a source of uncontaminated food and shelter is essential.

As another example, knowing how to use an improvised weapon such as starting fire with something else (such as a firewood bundle or some kindling) or how to make your own shelter is helpful. Both water and sanitation are relatedto this!

Surviving in the heat can be difficult, requiring only knowledge of these skills.

Bring sunscreen

how to survive camping in the heat

Even in the winter, camping is a great way to get away from it all and relax. There are countless stories of campers about how they use this as a way to relax and enjoy themselves.

With that in mind, bring enough sunscreen! While it may not seem like a big deal at first, the more you experience outdoor activities the more likely you are to overdo it.

Many things can cause burning sensations, including fire pits, open flames, bear banns, and even metal items near your skin. Many of these things are illegal to use in backcountry areas.

When going outdoors in the heat index, remember that your body is working hard to keep itself comfortable.

Bring bug spray

Even in the summer when there is no threat of a heat wave, being prepared for heat stroke is a good idea. Having enough bug spray to repell all four major camping insects is also helpful.

VISTABUGS has been recommended as the finest and easiest to use bug spray in the national camping guide. It is paraben free and contains antioxidants to help prevent skin irritation. It also works well as a spot treatment, so you do not have to spend money on perfume that doesn’t work.

Another tip that helps keep cool is wearing a headset or bandana around your head. By taking out the need for water or sunscreen, it also helps save money in the long run.

Lastly, staying hydrated and eating enough are both key ways to prevent heat stroke or overheating. Both of these will prevent sweat from cooling off, causing overheating.

Pack light colored clothing

how to survive camping in the heat

When outdoors in the heat, keep in mind what colors your clothing is and be prepared to flee if needed. If a critter attacks, you want to be able

to escape before being stuck in a hot spot.

If you are wearing shirts and pants, make sure they are lightweight fabrics. Leather requires more effort than cotton or synthetic fabrics. If you are currently wearing heavy jacket or shirt, make sure it is lightweight material so it does not put much weight on the person carrying it.

Remember those cold-weather gear recommendations above? Keep those in mind while camping or hunting in the heat. If you do not have any of those pieces, buy them before the trip to get those bets out of your supply list.

If you do have them, try having a cooling off period before putting them on so they can get into thermal contact with your body to enhance their effectiveness.

Pack fans

how to survive camping in the heat

When it is very hot, pack a fan or two in your bag. While it may seem like an extra thing to bring, keeping yourself cool is important while camping or during any outdoor activities that require hot weather clothing.

Even with a small fan, you can easily keep yourself cooled down by moving the air around in your bag or using thefan. You can also create a fans by tying several pieces of material together, creating a circle of cool air. This way, you can also ward off the heatstroke fears!

While these items may seem useless and overpriced, they really do help save your life and health while camping in the heat.

Drink lots of water

how to survive camping in the heat

Your body will cool down faster while in the heathen state of thirst. Also, there is something fascinating about listening to words on a audio format while still drinking waterizza!

Cabin temperature can be a nightmare to deal with. While some enjoy the heat, having some water will help your body recover and reduce your stress level.

Besides being beneficial for your health, drinking enough water can help you sleep better and feel more awake. Sleep is a wonderful benefit when camping as there may be fewer dreams and more rest.

There are several ways to stay hydrated during the heat of the day. One way is to drink a small cup of water every few minutes.

Eat light meals

how to survive camping in the heat

When you’re out on the trail or in the forest, your biggest worry is how to keep cool. Keeping an eye on your temperature condition is a great way to do this.

Most foods contain heat content, so it’s easy to snack on something or eat a full meal. You can also use water or dessert as a fun snacks and/or meals.

Some foods like fruit and vegetables have little temperatures added but we neglect to factor them in to our camping trips. This is a good resource to remind yourself of when you are out on the trail!

During cooler weather months, try eating light meals that are low in fat and calories to keep yourself feeling refreshed and energetic.

Do not bake yourself in the sun

how to survive camping in the heat

Even in the shade, you should never bake yourself in the sun. Even with a jacket on, you are still a source of heat and a target for hail oraienten to you.

To stay cool and safe, do not bake yourself in the sun. If you must cook over an open fire, use firewood only as fuel and stay away from directly cooking dishes.

If you have to wash dishes or make breakfast items, use warm water and mild soap. If something requires dryness, avoid wet towels and instead use some sort of dry cloths or blankets.

Do not go outside unless it is completely sunny and hot, and unless you have to be outside.

Go to a cooler spot in the camp site

how to survive camping in the heat

In order to stay cool in the heat, you must be prepared. There are several cooling spots in the camp site. A shady spot next to a fire pit is a good place to go. An accessible water fountain is also helpful.

If you have to walk around in your cooler, it is best to put some fleece or sweatshirts on them to protect them from the heat. If you have heavy objects or a heavy tent or flooring, you may want reinforce them with an additional layer of material.

Try these out before the actual camping trip so you are prepared.

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