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Camping outside of Zion National Park is a fun way to spend a night or more. There are many places to go in and around the park that offer camping, so you do not have to stick in the National Park.

With over a million acres of forest, lakes, rivers, and ranges, you will be hard pressed to find part of the world that is not camped. Even though there are official sites set up for people to use, you can still enjoy the outdoors and nature.

You can go off-site and choose from a variety of sites in riparian areas, scenic byway lands, or just plain old dirt. These types of sites are very private and secluded.

Pack light

camping outside zion

While the term light means different things in different contexts, in this article and bullet point, we mean less equipment and clothing. For example, in terms of weight, calories and impact on your health, less equipment means less food and water intake. Less clothing means less worry about heat stroke or wetness issues.

Less weight in your load translates into more distance traveled with your camping setup. Because we are talking about distance here, more than a few hundred extra calories may make the difference between wanting to eat and settling for a quick snack or dinner.

If you are going to be camping outside of Zion National Park, try to keep the following list of items as short as possible.

Bring a flashlight

camping outside zion

When planning a overnight camping trip, it is important to understand your equipment. Some items are easier to bring than others.

For example, the flashlight is more portable than the map and compass. The map and compass can be Jungle or Campsite!

There are a few days in the year when you have permission to camp outside of those dates- specifically, December 1 through February 28. These dates are referred to as Zion National Park Annual Cleanup Days, allowing people to camp outside of Zion National Park during these designated hours.

On these cleanup days, you must obtain a permit from the national park office before you can campoutside of Zion National Park.

Pack enough food and water

camping outside zion

While camped outside of Zion, you may want to bring your own food and water. There is no resupply station or grocery store nearby so you will have to make your own supplies.

Most of the time, there is enough food supply for two weeks, though not two months due to the occasional shortages. For example, two weeks’ worth of meals would be enough for two weeks.

Some people have trouble managing this and having enough food and water on a regular basis, so there are resources for you to check out. The U.S. government offers food and water kits in case of emergency, and Zion National Park has them as well.

There are also places where you can buy food and water, making it an affordable way to stay hydrated and fed. Stay readable lede: Taking care of your health is about taking care of yourself.

Bring first aid supplies

camping outside zion

A first aid kit can literally save your life when you are stuck in the woods or away from home. There are many situations where this is crucial- during an epidemic, severe storm, or just to have on hand

During emergencies like sudden exposure to cold weather, your body may need help in dealing with pain and illness. One of the most important things to include in a first aid kit is medicine. By including some medicine and a few Band-Aides or the like, you will be able make at least two visits to a doctor and two pharmacies to get a new medication.

While camping outside Zion National Park is not very popular, it can be fun to have some outdoor supplies. You can either go shopping at Walmart or buy them at the park itself!

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Pack camping equipment

camping outside zion

When you are planning a camping trip, you should always be sure to have all of the following equipment ready and able to be used: camp chairs and tables, shelters or bags to sleep in, cooking facilities, storage space, and access to a water source.

These things can make the difference between having a fun time in the outdoors and being bored and taking up too much time. Having enough resources to cover your day’s needs is key!

So how much equipment should you have? That depends on what kind of trip you are on. Some people find that one or two basic shelters is enough, while others like more variety in design.

Some people like using just one thing for every shelter so that they do not have to carry anything heavy when they go outside.

Consider your location

camping outside zion

When camping outside of a camping area, be sure to consider your location. While the term location can be applied to all four of these sites, the specific role that each plays will be discussed in this article.

Each of these sites is known for its surroundings, and how nice they look on the outside. Some are secluded, some are gorgeous natural environments, and some are just really nice places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Selection in nature matters when it comes to choosing where to camp. When you are spending your time in a beautiful environment, you should be more happy with your surroundings than when you are at a more urban site.

Urban areas have been proven to have negative effects on mental health and quality of life. These types of sites can be very busy and not very relaxing.

Know the weather

camping outside zion

When it comes to camping outside Zion, knowing the weather is key. There are two types of weather: seasonal, and monthly.

Seasonal weather patterns occur almost annually and will vary slightly in location, temperature, and availability of rain. These patterns can range from mid-summer to early winter with an occasional short window of dryness during the middle of summer.

Monthly weather patterns occur every month and always have a temperature. These temperatures can range from -30 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a monthslong average of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Knowing which temperatures are expected and how long they will last will help you prepare for the sun.

Knowing seasonal patterns does not happen annually, so we will stick with the bullet point above for now.

Talk to others who have been there

camping outside zion

When we were notified of our spot in the Zion National Park Campsite wait list, we began working with volunteer counselors to get our spots. This involved attending a orientation, meeting other campers and staff, and doing some paperwork to prove your qualifications.

It is very important that you speak English fluently while applying for a spot as most of the staff at this camp are Spanish speakers. This helps them communicate with the others who apply, and gets some quick help when starting up the process of determining which campsite is filled in advance of summer break.

The best way to talk to someone about wanting to apply is through a camp interview. An interview allows you to show your skills and why you deserve a place in the group, and makes or breaks whether people want you or not.

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